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Me and my partner have decided to try for a baby, I really want one, but I am really scard of being pregnant and giving birth, can anyone help??


  • hi ya

    its natural to feel scared hun, i think all they suggest is to read up on labour as much as possible and watch birthing videos to put your mind at rest.As for being pregnant you will love it, its scary but its worth it in the end! Im 16 weeks pregnant and still really really scared to give birth, i have 5 months to get used to it but the more i read the more scared i get lol! Im sure it will be fine though image

    good luck trying for baby
    charlie x 16+2
  • Thanks everyone for your replies, It has made me feel allot better knowing that other people feel the same and I have just realised that I have spelt scared wrong lol!!!! I'm the worst speller in the world!!!
  • Hiya Jochris52, I always thought I was a bit of a wuss when it came to pain and was panicking with all the stories I'd heard about child birth but having my son wasn't any where near as bad as I thought it was gonna be. There are so many wonderful types of pain relief now ( I had a birthing pool and gas and air and a lovely shot of pethidine right at the end) and as for pregnancy itself-it's fantastic and a real conversation maker, everyone wants to know how you are and if they can feel your tummy, :\)although I was lucky and didn't have any ill effects like sickness, pre-eclampsia etc. I've convinced myself the pain wasn't that bad as I'm desperate for baby no' 2!!image amy x
  • I feel bit scared when I think about that bit too but all my sisters did it 7 times between them and if they can do it then so can we image I think its perfectly natural to be scared about it all. It is the biggest thing we will ever do in our lives after all. It'd be a bit odd if we weren't apprehensive I think. xxx
  • Thanks for that.
    I know a couple of people that have had bad pregnancies, my sister lost her baby at 6 months, and my friend had an heptopic (not sure how to spell it!) pregnancy, so I think that's probably why I am scared. But it's reasuring to know that other people feel scared too, and like you say it can't be that bad otherwise lots of women wouldn't do it! and of course it's worth it in the end!
    We are really excited now and want one now!! we can't wait, but we also want to get married, not sure which one to do first though! any thoughts?
  • One of my sisters had an eptopic and it was very scary, I have friends who had miscarriages and my cousin had 5 miscarriages but I also know lots of women who had no problems at all (apart from the usual). So it's not something you can predict either way. My cousin went on to have 4 healthy babies after the mc's by the way image

    I wnatde to start ttc before we got married but my Hubby wanted to wait. We got married in May, moved to a bigger house and are now ttc and that has worked out for us. My mate Stephe (who comes on here) had her little boy four months ago and is getting married tommorow. My youngest sister had her little girl with her partner and they have nevr got round to marrying. They've lived together 14 years now. Depends on what you want. Not sure it makes much difference either way. What does your OH think? xx
  • My OH doesn't know what to do first either, on one hand I want to get married first, but on the other hand I want to have a baby quite soon. I think deep down OH want's a baby first.
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