OPK advice please

Hi there - this is my first month of using opk's - I have read that you must do the test late in the afternoon and to not drink much in the afternoon aswell as not to go to the loo for a couple of hours before doing it.

I have been testing every night at 6.15, have not been going to the loo from about 2 in the afternoon and not drinking from then aswell (not sure how the hell I am holding it in for sooo long!!)

I have also read that it has taught ladies that they are actually ovulating later in the month than what they thought.

So Iam on CD15, my cycles range from a 28 day to a 36 day cycle. I have still not had a smiley face!! Its sooo dam frustrating!! Should I be doing the test later in the evening or is it purely that I have not ovulated yet.

Any ideas or advice??

Many thanks
Bronz xx


  • I'd say that it was because you haven't ovulated.
    I tested in the morning as there was no way I could not drink all day or go to the loo!
    Okay so I may not have caught my smiley face as early but i still got my smiley on CD17 out of a 27/28 day cycle. So I think its pretty normal for you to not have your smiley yet!
    Hope that helps!
  • on the instructions of my OPKs its says to test after a few hours of not having a drink or going to the toilet, but not to leave too long or use fmu as it can be too concentrated and give a false reading... opposite of HPT!
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