would also like to join you all?

I have posted a few times but never really introduced myself! Im Nicola 22 from Wales, married with 2yr old dd. I came off the pill last August ready to start ttc January but although its been 6 mths im stil not having regular cycles image

Ive just ordered some OPK's from ebay and currently waiting for AF so i can start a fresh. Im not really up to date with CD's etc as my first dd was more luck than judgement! Im trying to be positive but im already lacking a positive attitude because of my cycles.

I started with a relaxed attitude to ttc but im already getting obsessed! Nevermind! Lots of luck to everyone ttc hope we all get bfp's very soon image xx


  • Hello Nicola im a newbie too joined yesterday i think, been lurking for a while reading posts trying to get info an advice for ttc...i came off he pill and of Nov so this will be month 2 trying for me.
    I was on the pill since i was 16 am now almost 25 and i luckily had a normal cycle last month.
    There seems to be lots of advice on here just have to trawl through old posts to find it...lol
    Anyways just thought i'd say hi as lots of lovely ladies welcomed me too, good luck and lets hope were not on here long image
  • Welcome to you both, everyone is lovely here so you will fit right in xxx
  • Hi Ladies,
    Welcome to TTC xxx
  • thank you all and good luck ttc image
    looking foward to starting my journey with you all xx
  • welcome to TTC and hope you get a BFP soon xx
  • Hi Nicola - welcome to BE.

    Good Luck with ttc no. 2

  • thank you happilyhappy and princess85, AF has just arrived so at least i can start afresh this month xx
  • Hi both, welcome to BE and good luck! xxx
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