A little upset

Hey Ladies,

Well had a horrible last few days, ill start at the begining.

Did a test on friday and it was a BFN, i was so upset and to make it all worse my partner was on his 2 weeks away for work. I called him and he broke down, ive never hear him cry like that before. He keeps blaming himself (im crying while writing this).

Saturday morning i got up to a knock on the door, it was a lady in tears saying she run over my dog. Kass passed away that afternoon.

Today (sunday) I went to a friends house for some drinks (i needed one after the horrible few days ive had) I was talking to a friend about ttc and this random guy turned around and called me a fat C-word and thats why my fat ass couldnt get pregnant.

So now im at home crying my eyes out wondering what i ever did to deserve all this heart ache and hurt.. AF is mia...

Sorry its not a good post just needed to vent xx:cry:


  • oh hun, was an ignorant so and so (id like to say worse but im trying to be polite). im so sorry youve had a horrible few days. you know we are all here for you to vent any upset or frustration you have. dont even give people like that a second thought and just concentrate on the people close to you.xxxxxxxxxx

    im so sorry for you loss, its so hard losing a pet. big hugs.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • aw babe that is awful. one thing at a time though, bfn doesnt mean anything yet till af shows u know that. so sorry about ur dog its heartbreaking when they go.. but u will soon feel better (hugs). and as for that pond scum that spoke to u like that i hope ur friends tells him hes never welcome at her house again. there are some real ***holes out there. sticks and stones...u r better than him he is obviously a rude, insensitive, arrogant spiteful pr*ck and his words mean nothing. so i suggest having a long hot bath tonight, light some candles and pamper yourself and let the rubbishness of this week wash away. think of all the good things youve got to look forward to this year..you're going to get ur bean. love and hugs and we're here for you. xxx
  • Oh no, I'm so sorry about your dog sweetheart.
    Ignore the [email protected], its none of his bl00dy buisness.
    Lets hope af stays away and you get your bfp.
    Was it today she was due?- I got bfn at 13dpo when I was pg with Grace so don't give up yet honey.
  • ooo hun ((((((hugs))))))))

    what an arrogant pr*ck!!! people like that don't deserve to be let out!!! I'm so so sorry to hear about your dog sweetie.
    As the other ladies have said it's not over until AF arrives and even if she does, it's not the end of the world hun, it does feel like it sometimes but there is always next time.
    I know we will get our BFP'S hun, we just have to have a little patience (so much easier saying that than doing it!) The best things are worth waiting for and in the mean time we are all hear if you need us (and my email buttons active if you ever want a chat) xx
  • Sounds like you've had an awful few days. I am so sorry about your upset - the BFN (though as the other ladies say - it's not over til you get your period!) and your dog. What a shock for you. Take it easy as you need to grieve for your pet - it's very hard to lose something you love.
    I am utterly shocked by what that man said. How dare he! No one should comment on the way you look. I am sure it doublely hurt due to your recent disappointment. If I am feeling rough I have a long hot bath with a good book. Makes me feel worlds better.
    Hugs to you.
    Poz xxxx
  • Aww sweety I dont really have anything to add that the other girlies haven't said already.
    Just wanted to send you a big hug - useless as it seems.
    Hope you feeling a bit better soon.
  • so sorry to hear about Kass hun. I'm a vet, and I know these things are always really hard to deal with when it's so sudden like this. At least if they're ill you have some time to prepare for what's coming. I hope you have some nice pics of her maybe you could get one framed when a little time has gone by.

    as for the t*sser I think siany said it all really.

  • Oh hun, I am so sorry to hear about your dog :cry: and your bfn with your partner away. :\(

    What a horrible horrible man, it's terrible there are people in the world who act like that! Makes you so angry!!

    Hope you are feeling a little bit better, life can be so cruel but I have a quote that I say to myself when I get really low or I have had an awful day..... 'What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.'

    BIG HUGS and keep your chin up xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  • Thank you so much ladies, i feel better already from your comments. Still no signs of AF and im always dead on a 28day cycle. Its 5.10am in the morning here and i just cant sleep. (which mean AF is 2 days late). Thank you so much again xx
  • aww u poor thing, u've had a terrible couple of days, sending u a big hug. and u should tell that silly arse to sod off, u know i went to my doc the other day n he informed me that only 25% of women get preg in their first year of trying *shock*, i really had no idea!!!! but really as we say, its not over til af shows! try n stay strong hun, it may jus be a shy bean xxx
  • where are u miss 88 for the time dif?! xx
  • big (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))) hun, sorry to hear about your dog.
    Keep strong hun, you will get your BFN and you and your OH will celebrate eventually xx
  • Im from Western australia.... No i dont ride a kangaroo to work lol
  • Sounds like you've had a really rough few days.
    I hope you do get ur bfp to cheer urself up! H x
  • AF still mia
  • Im from Western australia.... No i dont ride a kangaroo to work lol

    i wasn't gonna say that lol! oh well mia is still good hun, you should test again end of the week if af mia still. x
  • Aww I'm sorry to read all the nasty things that have happened. Sometimes we have those days when everything seems to go wrong and it gets us down. Ignore that horrid bloke. He prob has a tiny member! I hate people that are nasty just because they can be!
    It is quite positive that your af is still mia. This might be your month, I got my bfp with my ds when I was 10 days late so there's still hope!
    Take care, I hope these posts have made you feel better!
  • oh hun am so sorry to hear that you had such an awful couple of days,
    Don't have much to add to what the others have said. Sending you lots of hugs and keeping my fingers crossed that you get that BFP.
    Also know what it feels like to be told that I am too big to get pg. GP told me: she said she won't prescribe me any more pills because I am so big that won't fall pg anyway. well, that is when we started TTC LOL

  • Oh hun i hope you are ok. I hope you smacked that bloke and if not then i DEMAND you find out who he is and kick his fat sorry arse!!!!!!!!! I HATE HATE HATE men like that!!!

    You will get that BFP soon hun, dont put yourself down!!! The GP also tells me i am too "big" to get pregnant but then why is there some people about 4 times the size of me that just pop kids out. My friend is a size 26 and around 18-19 stone and she has got pregnant twice!!! Although she didnt keep them!

    Chin up hun xxxx
  • I honestly dont think im that big! im 5'8 so im tall. Im a size 18 (in aussie sizes) and the average size over here is 16.... btw still no AF
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