BFN-CD42 now!

Just updating as I said I would. Well in the end I did do another test on Sat but BFN as expected. Now on CD42 so feeling totally miffed with my body and just want af now. I have had af cramps on and off for a week but then they go again. No interesting symptoms to make me think that I'll get a super late BFP so I'm impatiently waiting. I swear I don't O though so a bit lost in general. When I get af then i'll be onto cycle 6.

Danipink - Glad to hear your af finally turned up although a BFP would have been nicer, at least you can move on to the next month now. I'm now the one waiting for af, maybe we should make bets on mine too if it'll help, LOL.


  • Im so sorry to hear you got a bfn, it hurts so much when only the test line appears on the stick!! Why do our bodies do this to us, its very strange that your getting af cramps but then nothing. Have you had problems with af in the past? Have you seen your gp? xx
  • oh honey i know how rubbish you must be feeling!!!
    i've got my fingers crossed for you that it's a BFP and i think that would be my bet for you!!!
    have you got any plans for near future, going anywhere nice?

    maybe if you try and focus on something else, it might help the time pass quicker!!!

    take care and keep me posted!!
  • Sorry to hear about your bfn and that you are in Limbo. Everything crossed that you get a bfp soon!xxxxx
  • Debbiemc - The tests really annoy me, I stare at it until my eyes go funny and I imagine lines, don't know why I do it to myself. I haven't seen my gp about ttc or af so far, I had the cramps loads the first month off pill and on cd44 I got af, it feels the same this month but nothing yet. My cycle seemed to be getting better but now it's shot it so that's more annoying than anything for now. I'm sure af will turn up, hopefully before I poas again.
  • Hi danipink, lovin your optimism but don't think it's going to end in a bfp, even though that would be amazing. Not really got any plans yet, not until after summer anyway. My friends visiting for a week on the 31st though so very excited about that. I'm actually feeling ok ish, think I'm getting used to the ups and downs but I am starting to feel like my body is broken. What's your plan for tthis month, are you trying anything new? Will keep you updated, don't want to poas again though if I can help it, well a week without would be fab but realistically a few days at least.
  • Helen, thanks for the reply, I did expect a BFN as I've seen so many now but the limbo is now really annoying. Any news on you? not sure if I'd missed anything.
  • hi porky i know how you feel i'm currently on day36 of a 29 day cycle and still no af or bfp, just looked and when i got my bfp in january i was actually on cd41!! so there is still a small glimmer of hope yet, got my fingers crossef for you
  • hi just wanted to say i am in the same position, i know this doesnt help you much but at least you know you are not alone. I am on CD49 and still no af, have had crampy pains since friday and also EWCM, which makes me think i have completely missed a period and ive ovulated again!!! i know this is bizarre but i know my body and im sure thats whats happening, baffled.....good luck. xx
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