Am i Weird

Does anyone else go on the pregnancy forum and read all the messages and sit there imagining what messages you'll post there ? Then have to log out of it coz you make yourself ridiculously jealous ?

I seem to constantly find myself peeking on there then regretting it after making myself jealous ! Then feeling guilty for being jealous !!!

Am i weird ????? :\?


  • No i have to confess ive done that too (dont know why we do it too ourselves i end up feeling more miserable)

    So no you are not weird well either that or im weird too.

    jen xx
  • Thanks Jen, it does seem that i'm just torturing myself ! I get myself so jealous then feel so guilty for feeling so jealous ! I'm just so desperate for my bfp and as i'm only on day 2 i know that it is still MILES away !!!!

    Glad i'm not alone on this.
  • Hi no i dont think you're wierd. I dont look at pg forum but i understand why you do. I always imagine what I would post when I get my BFP! I cant wait for that day x x
  • Mrs rich thats exactly how i feel too, i just didnt want to say incase i offended anyone but you worded it just right! xx
  • Mrs rich you are absolutly right ! You couldnt have worded it better, sometimes I cant even bring myself to read the BFP messages coz it makes me so sad, but happy at the same time. This ttc thing is so hard and emotional ! I had a complete stranger asking me today when i'm going to have a baby and telling me he got his wife pg within a week of trying for number 1 and within 3 months of trying for number 2. How do you tell a stranger that you're trying but nature just isnt being that kind !!??!!
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