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questions about agnus castus

When should I take agnus castus? My cycle seems to have returned to normal quickly but I am worried I might not be ovulating. Will agnus castus help me to ovulate?
God TTC is so difficult, it feels like a lottery that is the most important lottery of my life!!
I am also taking evening primrose oil and starflower oil to help with PMS which got me really bad on my last 2 cycles!
Thanks ladies xxx


  • I posted about this the other day. Apparently you can only take it up to ov as it's not good for pregnancy so cd1-ov. Probably best to test for ov hun!
  • as far as im aware chick it wont help you to ov,try googling it,its mostly known for shortening cycle lengths than anything else x x
  • What makes you worry about not OVing? I worried too but tried temping (which is hard work but reassuring) and realised that I was. Might be worth a try for a couple of months to check? Good luck
  • Agnus castus probably won't help you ovulate, it's more for regulating irregular cycles than anything else. Have you tried OPK sticks to see if you're ovulating?

    Hannah xx
  • I used OPK sticks this cycle but never got what I thought was a definite positive. I felt different for a couple of days, EWCM (I think!), bloated and a bit of pain down there but not sure cos when I used the sticks they only had a faint line for 2 days then nothing for the other days.
    I have PCOS and have read that OPK sticks can get it wrong because of hormone levels so I just don't know!

    So maybe I will try temping instead!
    Thanks xx
  • Yes AC can make you ovulate! I suffer from oestrogen dominance so i'v not ovulated without help for years, however over the last 3 months i'v had ovulation due to AC.. Keep going with it, it's worth it xx
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