grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! warning... rant alert.

im getting married next month and obvisuolsy we are ttc. nobody knows that we are trying tho. but im sooo fed up of me saying yes we would like children soon, and everyone turning round to me saying o enjoy yourself first why do u want children young, why dont you enjoy marriage first! ahhhhhh. im so frustated, people are so patronising! just because i dont throw up my hard earned money into a gutter each week. im in a perfect relationship have a nice happy home, and am physically and mentally ready for children! people just dont understand and it really gets to me! rant over. sorry about that! xxxx


  • hi didnt want to r&r, im not married but i have a 5 year old son and i always get ppl saying dont you think its time for another one not knowing the problems weve had. why do they think they know whats best for us. sorry my rant over lol! can kind of sympethise in a way. have you been together a long time? and as you say as long as both of you are ready for children then thats all that matters x
  • thanks girlies, wasnt expecting a reply,

    justarascal, yeah everyones RSVP'd now! woooo! so excited! honeymoon bub would amazing! or even PG on the wedding day! would love it! woohoo!

    KIMLOU been together 3 yrs! and yes its the same situation with u aswell, everyone trying to tell you what to do with your lives and whats best for you, im big enough to make my own decisions lol. grr! maybe if i was still living at home or something. but we have a mortgage, getting married, and doing everything properly, are in a good financial position, so why on earth not!? *tuts* people! lol xxx
  • yeah they keep telling me not to have a big age gap and that they wont be close. its up to me when i decide im ready im not going to do it now or wait just because they say i should grrrrrr! i was with my oh 3 years when we ttc my 1st. your situation sounds good to me and good luck with your wedding baby. where you having your honeymoon? x
  • awww thanks both of oyu image honeymooning in mexico image cant wait! 38 days! wooo x

    p.s kimlou, me and my sis have 6 yr age gap and we get on so well! and a friend of mine has an 11 yr age gap and they get on too! i dont think age is anything to do with it, its temrement of the child, and that you treat both fairly etc, so ust ignore everyone else! lol x
  • Even if you were skint, married or not, rent or homeowner when you get the baby bug... You want one!! It's a physical longing and you know what's right for you! Xxx
  • thanks me theres 5 years between me and my brother and 7 years between me and my sister and we get on fine too its my mil that says it the most becausemy oh and his brother only have 2 years between them so she thinks i should do the same ha! mexico sounds brill i really want to get married but not quite financialy there yet. im so jealous xxx
  • exactly baby princess! i almost feel in have to justify myslef to everyone! so annoying!

    awww kimlou! you will one day im sure! you have a bub tho! so im jelous too! hehehehe x
  • he he ok i give you that one lol! i know il have my special day soon just cant wait but i know it will be so stressful. tempted to just go and do it abroad x
  • definatly recommend going abroad! it is stressful! everyone trying to stick there ore in! lol will be a lovely day! but would be so much simpler to go away! x
  • Well done for letting the rant out, i'm gonna have mine now! LOL
    I've been with my partner for over 6 yrs, I have a 9yr old daughter from a previous relationship and he has 2 sons. There is a very big age gap between us but we are ready to try for a baby and one of our single female friend's keep trying to split us up and tell us that we are wrong. Why? I'm 30, he's a very young 52. we have a mortgage, I work, he has his own business. We are stable and happy. Why is that wrong?
    Like babyprincess says, it is a longing and why has anyone got the right to question that?
    Phew...That my rant over! Really hope you don't mind ladies. Just really gets me down sometimes! xxxxx
  • hi wildthing well done you it makes you feel better dont it. nothing sounds wrong with that to me aslong as you can give that child a good upbringing then thats fine dont know why ppl think they can have an opinion on what you want. how long have you been ttc? x
  • LOL, thank you! We are so happy and my daughter is a very happy lovely girl - we have a great life but I think it's jealousy. Green-eyed monster can be a horrible creature!
    I stopped the pill end of feb and only started to ttc end of march so only a few weeks.

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  • Sorry hun - we are having a 'chat' on another post too! Our comments are getting crossed over so I didn't need to ask about ttc xx
  • I am so with you in getting annoyed at people commenting, Luckily I only have one person who comments: my MIL. She told me face to face that she does not want to be a granny before she is 65, she is only 59 now .... as if I am going to wait for her...
    good luck with getting what you want everybody and ignore those intruders
  • My friend had that with her MIL and couldn't help but laugh, It must be hard for some women if they're conscious of getting older but it's your life and you can't out it on hold until your MIL is happy!
    Thank you for your message Shuck xx
  • This drives me insane! Everyone is asking if I'm pg yet, which is pretty rude really - what if we had been trying for a long time or couldn't have children? Or they ask when we're going to be trying, like we're going to tell them. Then if you do say you want children sooner rather than later, they ask why! We've been married 10 weeks, but were together over 6 years before we wed. People say we should enjoy being married for a while. Why? We're ready for children now so we're going to try for a baby. Pretty simple in my eyes!
  • These people have a name
    and they are everywhere!!! They like to 'police' other peoples lives!
  • oh...i so sympathise girls....we just cant ever win!!!

    someone always has something ''helpful'' to say.......your either too young, too old, what about your career? what about the money? married or not married! why cant people be just happy supportive and get on with their own lives hey!
    its the same weddings, babies, jobs....and i am sick of it!! as long as me, hubbie and bubs are good i dont care hehehe

    god i sound a narky cow xxx im not really i promise

    babydust...hope you get bfp and join me in DID if not DIJ xxxx
  • hahahaha shuck too right! i agree! my dad said that to me.... as if! LOL

    mrs cake catnkittenand mrs hobbes! i totally agree!

    congrats catnkitten! would love to join you lol, fingers crossed ey!

    wildthingv8, def no problem with that, (basically what kimlou said lol)

    feeling a bit better now knowing its not just me that gets annoyed by these interfeering people!!! xxxxxxx good luck everyone xxx
  • Ooh can I join? Firstly Me and justarascal, congrats and good luck with your wedding, all the stress will be worth it. We got married last july and hubs is notoriously broody. I get asked on average on a daily basis if we are having kids soon. The trouble is that I've been off the pill over 6 months and had 1 AF!! So I'm imagining it may be difficult and the repetative questions are really upsetting sometimes. I'm running out of nice things to say to people, but I know they don't mean any harm. I've had a bad day (can you tell?) but feel a bit better now, thanks!!
    Good luck xx
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