testing at the weekend

Hi is anyone testing saturday or sunday,i am due on saturday,fingers crossed


  • Hiya hunny! Not testing as AF has reared her ugly head! Boo Hiss! Better luck next month for me! Wanted to wish you lots of luck though hun, let us know how you get on! Fingers crossed it will be your month. xxxx
  • Good luck for testing! Hope you get a bfp!!xx
  • I'm due Friday, unless af rears her head before then.

    Good luck with your testing.
  • fingers crossed we our BFP GOOD LUCK XXX
  • I'm due Sunday so will test then if af not arrived before. Not feeling too positive though, I haven't even got any hpt in the house. Really hoping it's our turn this month. Had a mmc in December and feel like it's been such a long time since and the dissapointment every month is awful! Good luck to anyone else who is due to test. xxx
  • sorry to hear about ur mc i had a mmc in nov.it is horrible. xxx
  • just wanted to wish lots of good luck and PMA to those testing at the weekend xxx
  • It's not till you read on here that you realise how many people have been through similar experiences. Good to know that I'm not the only one. Fingers crossed for us all. IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!! xxx
  • Good luck, hope you get your BFP.
  • Hi, I'm testing Sunday.....if I can wait that long! xx
  • Hi girls, I'm testing on Sat which is a few days early (not due till Tue) but oh is going to Iraq so wants me to test early. Fingers so tightly crossed for us all x
  • good luck with the testing. hope you all get your BFP!! lots of babydust to everyone xx
  • Hiya, im not due to test this wkend as only just started 2ww but good luck to you for sat or sun. do you have any symptoms? x x
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