I, Helen, hereby pledge that I will try not to overeat for as long as Woomummy does not poas-(aiming for 6 weeks!!)and Mrs_e and Cherrypicker do not ttc-(2-4 weeks!)
I have managed not to snack yesterday and had relatively healthy meals on sat and sun-I'm really hungry this morning!! How are the rest of you doing?:lol:


  • Well done hjanea, try and resist the temptation! Its so hard though isnt it? xx
  • Can i join in with this?? I HAVE to lose weight!!! Its easy to eat here with lo all day. Think i need to get out more!! xx
  • I think thats half the problem when your at home with a lo, you eat quick snacky things and then convince yourself that you havent really eaten much all day!!! lol. xx
  • I def need to join in, i've got exactly 5 days before my holiday and i've not achieved my bikini body yet!!! oops maybe its a bit late now!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [email protected] slow, i think 5 days would be pushing it a bit!! Hope you have a fab holiday though, are you gonna come back with something special? xx
  • Hope you have a lovely birthday slow, where are you going away?? xxx
  • I, kimberley, hereby pledge to not poas til my 6weeks deadline...and all this talk of weight loss is spuring me on, so i will also be going the opposite way of the chocolate monster for as long as i can! xxxxxx
  • i, mrs_e, promise not to ttc until my next AF arrives, no matter how much i want to even if i realise i ov. I know i should do this to let me heal properly.

    how on earth am i going to wait another month??!
  • I, Cherrypicker, promise not to ttc until after my next af - no ifs no buts.
    Good luck to all you girlies on the snack ban!! I went on a lovely walk with dh in an effort to kick off some weight loss before holiday in 5 weeks time!! Good distraction from ttc methinks!!!! xx
  • Not snacked yet-off to bed before I break my promise!!!!
  • well done hjanea!
    my challenge will come in a few weeks when/if i ov...

    managed to not buy any ov tests or anything today whilst shopping woohoo!

  • I, bluebird, promise to try to lose the two pounds a week target she set herself especially now her af has come back after a leave of absence of 125 days!!!! If this isnt achieved very woon, she will have to go back to slimming world again where she succeeded really well last time. There, i said it, now i have to go to bed before the "i'm hungry" takes over!!!! lol PS will also try to do more exercise image xxxx
  • I have been hungry since 5am when lo woke for milk so I think I am obviously not eating anything like as much as I was. Dont really want to go on a diet as such, just cut out the snacks and eat healthy meals so that I can continue when I get my bfp!!
  • and how are we all doing today? i'm still bleeding booooo so my body is doing a nice job of reminding me i am no longer pg. i want it to stop as the sooner it gets back to normal, the sooner i hope i ov (no i won't ttc!) and the sooner the next cycle will come round.

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