About to join you

Good afternoon ladies,
I have just come off the pill and am mid-way through my withdrawl bleed. Not planning on starting to try this month as we have a boozy holiday in France to enjoy, but I am really excited about trying once we get back. I have a 5 year old boy, but it will be my boyfriends first, and my first pregnancy that I can share with someone else!
I've been reading through some old threads and everyone seems lovely. Isn't the internet great for providing us the opportunity to chat to others in the same position?
Good luck to everyone.


  • This is such a nice forum. I've not been around for long, but having been on a different forum (nothing to do with ttc) and seeing a lot of nastiness, I'm so glad everyone seems friendly here!
  • Hi honey only just started myelf and this site is a life saver. Everybody has been soooo good even though i ask 100 questions so you will be well looked after here image

    Welcome and all the best for trying image

    K xxxxx
  • This is a fantastic site. I have learned alot. Welcome and good luck x
  • Thank you. Despite not planning to try this month, I am secretly hopeful it might happen anyway.

  • hee hee I started off like you, said I was going to wait till Aug and now this is our first month trying hee hee.

  • Yep, sounds familiar.
    I needed to have a break from the pill because I was getting PMT symptoms really bad, and the plan is that we'll use the withdrawl method this month. We're both so excited though, that I reckon we'll crack.
  • I am so pleased I have come off the pill for the last 6 months my BP was sky high so they were thinking of taking me off it anyway. Now I have been off it for two months I feel so much happier as well as I was always moody and anger on the pill.

    It might have nothing to do with it, also my BP is fine now so it must of been the pill. I don;t think i would ever go back on it again

  • My experience of the pill was overall very positive (My breasts went up 2 cup sizes for a start!) but I found that when I ran a couple of packets togetehr I got mood swings and weepiness. I hope to god I handle the pregnancy hormones better.
    I'm also worried as last time I was pregnant I got the biggest spot you have ever seen on my chin. I could do without that this time round!
  • Hello honey! Welcome! Good luck when you start TTC! Look forward to chatting! xxx
  • hi. sorry can i gatecrash. i am also about to join you all. if thats ok. my lo is 17months and i have been dying to start ttc since shewas about 2weeks old (i know mad). i have one more packet of pill left then we start. im really nervous this time ive no idea why. also we fell straight away last time so i didnt get proper period and they were always bad in the days before the pill so not looking forward to that.
  • Hi Angielisa,
    I'm nervous this time too. When I conceived my son it was unplanned to say the least! So I've never been through the TTC stage before. I reckon we'll be alright though.
  • yeah we be fine. i keep a look out for you. been scanning through this section and they all seem so friendly and full of support.xx
  • Hi to both of you and good luck!xx
  • Hi and welcome

    The more relaxed about it you are the better. But that's difficult. We are all a smidgen (ok a lot!) obsessed on here! :lol:

    Good luck! xx
  • Hi girls and welcome to the site, as everyone has said everyone on here is lovely and helpful and no question is too silly so ask away. Hope you get your BFP really soon. Sxx
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