very sharp pains in right ovary

hi ladies,

saw that a few of you on another post were talking about sharp pains in your ovaries and wondered if anyone knew what it was?
i was due to ov last week, but dont think i did....i got ewcm (lots) but then no real temp rise (although not temping properly or recording them) and then got more ewcm on mon, tues and wed this week. last night the pain was so bad that i googled ovarian cycsts and thought it might be that. it was really bad when bending over or moving right leg upwards.

any thoughts? xx


  • i reckon that wa sov hunni, i think u get ewcm up until a couple of days b4 u ov i read. so makes sense if u had ewcm mon and tues, then ov on thurs, so i think it was that, did u bd last night? make sure u do today/tonite aswell xxxx and good luck try not to worry x
  • Hey sorry no help but just thought I'd mention that I had exactly the same symptoms as you: ewcm but no temp rise, then more ewcm after in the next couple of weeks, and bad pains in left ovary area. I think maybe cysts. But I think they are common xx
  • yeah fair enough, it was just so severe though, its never been that bad before, nowhere near! we didnt bd because of the pain, but we bd on tuesday and will do tonight. i'm sure we'll be fine! thanks x
  • severe pain? o dear. ouch! maybe go to docs just to be sure? severe pain doesnt sound normal, are cysts a problem? ive never heard of them tbh, how long have u been ttc? x
  • cycsts are apparently very common, but they are usually painless. never had anything like this before.
    been trying for 9 months now image
    i will see if temps go up tomorrow and then maybe go to docs next week.
  • I had sharp pains like that all day yesterday, really quite painful especially when bending down to pick up my daughter.
    Did a test today and got a faint positive, maybe the same will happen for you, good luck xxx
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