quick ? about opk's

Hey girls,

do you think it is bad to look at OPK's after 10 minute time limit? My ANSWER brand opk that I took this morning is totally positive- I poas, and let it sit- the 2nd line came up quick, but then I got in the shower and forgot about it- whoops!!! looked at it about 30 min later and def positive- im on cd13 of 29 day cycles and last month ov'd on cd15- so it all seems right? just wondering if result could be off since it was past the 10 minute window?

any thoughts?

oh and ps- we are bd'ing like crazy this weekend.......lol!!!!!

praying for a bfp for 2010!!!!:\)


  • Hi I didnt realise there was a time limit on them have only used one and that was this month and got a positive but had an inkling when i was due ov.

    I would say it will be right hun, get on with your Bding and come back with your xmas BFP.

    Have you got your name down on the pudding list?

  • sounds like a pos hun.xxx
  • There is a supposed time limit but if it came up pretty quick and looked super strong then i'd take it as your +ve.

    I use the cheapy OV sticks and mine have never got any darker/changed after 10mins....I keep mine to compare during my cycle and they get to their limit and stop there even for days later.

    Will keep fingers crossed for you image xx
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