af 3 days early??

hey all, just a bit confused,
i have no idea exatley when i ovulated this month but my cycles are always 30 days long which means my af is due on wednesday.

this afternoon i have had some brown cm which i only usually get the day my period is due and the af begins right away.

so now i dont understand why i am getting this today?

i could be pregnant but it is a very very small chance as we did not ttc this month and only bedded when we thought it was safe to(ok stupid of us i no but save me the lectures!!lol) and anyway if i was i wouldnt have had brown dischage i dont think.

the only reason we didnt ttc is i have to go for my blood results for mc's on 24th of august.

sorry if tmi ppl!!

im not really sure what it is i am asking here i suppose i just wanted to let my confused feelings be known to some1!! sorry if its a waste of a post! lol xxx

***sending you all lots of babydust***

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  • No post is a waste Hun!! That's what BE is here for, the ups and
    the downs!

    No answers for you, just didn't want to r&r

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