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BFP - I think!


Still having BFPs on CBD.......Off to docs in 30 mins.....fingers crossed it's a true BFP!

F xx


As some of you may know I had a mmc a few weeks ago (with dnc on wednesday 4th June, although I had started to mc naturally before the procedure).

We decided to try again straight away (when I was physically and emotionally ready)....we didn't wait for a new cycle (doctors recommend this mainly for dating purposes if you fall pg again).

Anyway....we did lots of bding when I thought I might be ovulating. I actually did an ovulation test which came up positive (on Sat 21st June) - although this could have been the tail end of the hcg hormone from the last just to make sure I did the ovulation test on the 2 days after the positive result aswell and on these two days the result was negative - so I think it was likely that I was ovulating or about to ovulate on 21st June.

Over the last few days I have been having lots of streching in my lower abdomin, my boobs are a little fuller again and a little sore underneath, nearer my armpits....also quite a bit of creamy cm over the last couple of days.

So....I tested the day before yesterday with a normal clearblue test and got a very very faint I tested again last night and the line was still a bit faint but it was certainly there....then this morning OH got a clearblue digital test for me and it came up as a BFP!!!!

I am going to make an appointment for the doctor next week ASAP.....I want them to do hormone tests to check that it is really a BFP and that things are progressing well, even at this early stage.....

Not sure whether to be excited or not?! What do you girls think?

Your thoughts will be gratefully received!

Frankie x

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  • Im very new to all of this so im not sure..but it all sounds possitive! good luck
  • I don't know alot about MC, but the signs do look good. I think you are sensible going to docs as they can check everything for you considering the history. I really hope you are (it seems like it) and that it is a sticky one. Good luck xx
  • Sounds good hun....its best to make sure that you still havnt got any hcg left in your system from your mmc.....i had a d&c on the 12th may and i was getting positives 5 weeks after it took until 7 weeks for my hcg to go back to normal which is why this is my first cycle trying! I do hope its a true BFP for you hun xx
  • I have no idea but I so hope it is a bfp. Sending a big bucket of very sticky babydust in your direction!!!xxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you and good luck x
  • oh wow!! i really hope it is a proper BFP for you!!! good idea to get it checked out. my fingers are crossed for you hun image keep us updated! xxx
  • hi hun
    can i ask how many weeks you were when mc?(sorry if thats insensitive). if you were very early on then i'm sure that this is another bfp as hcg from last pg would be gone. and i'm sending extra sticky babydust with superglue fasteners. Good luck hun and take care.
    Filo x
  • sounds like ur peg to me hun... see what doc says tho 1st before u get all excited xx
  • everything crossed for you xx
  • Good luck! xx
  • FAO: Filo.....

    I was really hoping you would reply to my post...cause I remember you had a similar sort of situation right?? I was nearly 11 weeks along when I started to spot so we had a scan and it confirmed that the baby had died at 7 weeks and 5 days....

    Really hoping that it is a real BFP!

    ps- I pop into the December forum now and then and I am so pleased that you and all the other m2bs are doing so well.


    F x
  • Thank you to one and all for advice, kind wishes and sticky baby dust!!

    Fingers crossed this is a new and very sticky bean!

    I will let you all know what happens this week.

    F x
  • All the best Frankie. Hope it's a sticky!! xxx
  • sending lots of super sticky babydust to you frankie xxxxx
  • Huge congratulations Frankie! Sending lots of sticky baby dust your way! xxxx
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