sooooo bored!

Hey girls!!

i am so very bored!! hubs has gone to work and lo is asleep!!

on the plus side i am on cd4 and af is on her way out the door so keep all your fingers crossed for a normal cycle!! lol

what is/has everyone been up to this weekend??



  • my reply vanished!!
    Very bored also! My OH at work too (boo hiss to hubbys working Saturday nights), so I might have an early night soon and least I can have the bed to myself.

    Off to meet some old friends for lunch tomorrow and as AF turned up at least I can enjoy a guilt free glass of wine or three.

    Are you doing anything nice?
  • we have friends over for bbq but their nan died today so not really sure if they will or not!!!really gutted for them!!!

    good on you with the wine!!!
    my hubs is a dj so works every fri and sat night!!! i do love being able to do and watch what i like on tv!!! lol

  • good luck for this month, i am bored too husband got the football on, so may just go to bed lol

  • dh is out with his dad and im driving myself crazy- could do with some ideas actually. my last 2 cycles were 27 days, before that 29, 26, 27 and a 30. im on cd 30 today and no af. I tested tues but it was a bfn, do you think i should test tmw? i dont want to get my hopes up only to see no line.
  • Hi hun

    I am bored too but I should be in bed, have tidied and cleaned all day and made tea. Had a friend over for the crack and have just been chilling tonight.

    Am CD18 of a 40-45 day cycle so no idea when am due to ov but last cycle I tested too early and eventually got a smiley on CD27 so maybe I will do the same again this month.

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