Ahhhh i so want to test...! Stop me...!

My AF should arrive latest by next sunday. I am already trying to work out when to test. I should probably wait till AF is missed right girls!?!?

Talk some sense into me...

Though i have a feeling we didnt do it this month.

All this waiting is driving me insane,,,,xx


  • It's so tempting isn't it!
    Have you got any tests in the house? I find it's better not to have any around. Just think, if you test too early you might get a bfn which would be a bfp if you waited longer!
    Hope you get your bfp, hang in there x
  • If AF is due by next Sunday at the latest I say if she's not here by then test Sunday. But not before as KittenMittens is right about maybe getting a false BFN for testing early!

    Be strong, move any tests out of the bathroom and don't save your FMU - if you don't have the FMU there's no point in testing early!!

    Don't cave hun and good luck for next Sunday :lol: xx
  • i know how you feel mf af is jue saturday and im realy temted to do one know.x
  • im due on the sat hun, testing early on tues, got 2 pack cbd. only 55% chance of showing bfp even if i am pg, but accuracy goes up with each day closer to af due xx
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