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Hi, I have been lurking for some time in planning (and we've been using no contraception for the last three months, though haven't been obsessing about cycles or trying to time anything). We got married a fortnight ago - fabulous, beautiful wedding and now we're back from honeymoon we're officially trying! Yay!

I came off the pill four months ago and have had cycles of 28 days, 36 days and was coming up to day 38 a couple of days before the wedding, with no period, but horrible grindy belly ache that told me it wouldn't be long. I took a test just to make sure i wasn't pregnant (and it was BFN) so went to docs and got hold of some pills to delay my period - took them over wedding day and throughout honeymoon, finished taking them yesterday,

Since coming off the pill my periods are heavy and painful, so really didn't want it to happen over wedding/honeymoon. However, was a bit sad about the timing as was hoping to get lots of chances to make babies in on the honeymoon! We still did of courseimage but suspended at the end of my cycle, the chances of it working are minimal. Also didn't really want to take artificial hormones after clearing my system of the pill, but it was the lesser of two evils in the end.

If my periods end up being like they used to, they will take longer and longer to come, with lots of belly ache beforehand, often for some time. Its as if my body tries really hard but can't quite make it happen. Which of course will mean i will end up taking lots of pointless pregnancy tests.

So, I've purchased a CBFM with my reasoning being that I might have some idea when im fertile, and some idea when to test. That way will not be obsessing all the time, wasting money and causing myself disappointment with lots of testing. Its not that we want to take all romance and spontaneity out of it, and i recognise they don't always work, but have heard some positive things on here about them :\)

anyway, sorry for the essay, but should be coming on in next couple of days so will commence using when i do. Im sure i will need lots of advice as the CBFM's definately seem to confuse lots of people on here. Wanted to let you ladies know i'm now in the ttc boat! :\)


  • hello and welcome

    congrats on your wedding, i had the lovely arrival of my period on my honeymoon on 08 after 9 long weeks, not good!

    i am also on the CBFM wagon after it assisted us to concive our son last year

    look forward to chatting and god luck x
  • Good luck! Hope you're not here for long in the nicest possible way!!
    Baby dust :::::::::::
  • Congratulations on your wedding hunny i got married a month ago and we are also ttc its so very exciting and really kept my mind off missing the wedding planning and the lead up so much lol.
    Anyway lots of luck xxx
  • Good luck and look forward to chatting! X
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