FAO Gembags

Hi hun,

Did you AF arrive or not? Sorry if I've missed your post but I keep checking everyday and haven't been able to see whther or not it did as I know it was really late.

Hope you don't mind me asking, just really hoping it was a shy BFP for you


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  • hay hun i havent posted as i didnt want to bug anyone with keeping on .............. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    STILL NO AF HUN :evil: and NO bfp :cry:

    I am 13 days late image image :roll: :roll: so not fair

    Don't think i am preg think witch is playing up image

    I don't mind u asking hun...... :\)
    How you been???? How far r u in ur cycle????

    gems x
  • Oh no, that's complete rubbish :x You never know it could just be shy BFP, do you know when you def ov?

    I'm OK, on CD8 on my first cycle since MC so doing some serious BD this month :lol: I'm usuing my CBFM which gave me my last BFP first cycle of using it so really hopes it works it's little magic again this cycle!

    Do you think you may have to go to docs?

  • Havent been late since mc in aug even the month that followed AF came ontime.

    I thought i OV'd on CD18 but i am starting to think i didnt. I was trying to be relaxed and calm this month as the thought of another sept baby wasnt the best but thought well what ever will be will be this month and AF decided not to bother at all. :lol:

    Sorry that ur back ttc hun it's really poop image Hope this one is super sticky for you. Makes ttc worse i think after 1st mc in june i was so set on getting another bfp and i waited for af then in aug i had another bfp so it happend so quick.... unluckly it wasnt sticky and here i still am hun xxx
    Wont be long and we'll be in preg x

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG The Witch is here
    LOL just wrote my reply and had to pop the wee and there she was waiting for me image image image image image
    So happy to see her :lol:

    Very Happy Gems x
  • Aww hunny, at least she has arrived, now you can get on with getting your very, very sticky BFP on your next cycle! Maybe we'll be moving over to pg together!

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