Folic Acid?

Is everyone taking FA supplements? I got mine this afternoon as af is due in few days and then got hospital appoint next week which will hopefully get all-clear to go ahead and ttc image sounds silly but I'm all excited to take mine as it makes it all seem so much more real!


  • Hi mummychop
    Yeah I started taking them when i came off the pill but i must admit i miss odd ones. When i went to see nurse before ttc she said ideally they say take it for 3 month prior to starting ttc but in the real world most people find out they're preg and havent ever taken some. She said if you're eating healthily then its fine and taking them from when you start ttc will boost your chances as well as being brill for baby when you're successfull.
  • Yes I do - I take the tesco pregnancy ones, they're recommended for before, during and after pregnancy. I too have missed a couple but trying hard to remember! xx
  • Hi Ladies, I'm also rubbish at remembering ANYTHING lol, so I put a reminder on my mobile phone to go off about 1.30ish so I can take my FA after my lunch (it's usually my main meal) and it drives everyone in the office mad, especially if I've gone out for lunch and am not there to turn it off, pmsl!!! Hope this helps? Good luck & baby dust to you all xxx
  • LOL! That's so funny! Good luck to you too xxx
  • I've mine beside the bed so I won't miss them. I didn't take them with my dd as she was a bit of a surprise lol
    Silly how excited I was buying them- was nearly saying to the checkout girl 'there're for us to make a baby' haha
  • Ha ha bless ya! They help the baby develop so it's all good. xx
  • Mummy: I have been tking prenatals for the past 2 - 3 months and this month I am taking folic acid too.

    Just got EPO 2 days ago and took it but I am ovulating so will have to stop it now.
  • what does evening primrose do?? Im taking folic acid but now wondering if i should be taking that too!!!! anything that might help!! lol xxxx
  • are evening primrose recommended too then?
  • I hadn't heard about taking EPO before will have to pop out later for some- anything that might help image
    I found this- might be useful to you. I love this site- there is an ov calender which can put your info into and it tells you when most fertile even for a boy or girl. We used it last year when decided to ttc and although only bd once that cycle cos hubby was away, was on what they said was my most fertile day and I did get pregnant. Might have been coincidence but will be trying it again for a bit before looking a the ov sticks image
  • Hiya,

    I started taking my FA about 2 months back, Ive forgotten to take the odd 1 or 2, I got mine from tescos, They had a 3 for 2 offer on but i only bought 1 coz once i finish it, I want to switch to Pregnacare, I could do with being bumped up with a few other vitamins too.

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