i feel so sick

I have had flu for 2 days now (cry). I think I am pregnant (which means i cant take anything except crappy paracetamol which does nothing) and i am sooooo sick. But not in an actual being sick way but waves of urgghhhhh feeling.
It may also not be helped by the not wanting to eat as i feel so crappy as my throat has doubled in size, so sexy. All i am eating is ice lollies and ginger beer, so healthy.

Got 3 days to go before i am def testing.... so long to go. So fed up of not being able to know for definite.


  • Aw hon try to hang on in there! Seeing that BFP in 3 days time will make up for how you are feeling now.

    Can you manage some soup? When I had flu last I lived off luke-warm tomato soup and ice cream! It would be a bit more filling and healthier.

    Sending you hugs and hope you feel better soon sweetheart xxx
  • hubbie bought me soup but the thought of me makes me wanna crawl into my bed and cry.

    I had toast at 11 which was good.

    I just feel terrible, if i am pregnant I am worried how i will get better. and if i am not pregnant, i'll be annoyed i didnt take medicine image
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