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Why does my chart keep saying 'ovulation not detected'? It then says that 3 days of high temps are needed to confirm ovulation. But when I cheat to test it, and change 3 of the temps to high, it still says that. Why?


  • It also looks at your stats and the cycle length as well as temps. Send me your link to your FF page and I'll take a look, you ahve to make sure you give permissions on your home page for me to see your chart and stats though! :\)
  • Thanks, I hope this will work...

    My Ovulation Chart

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  • i dont think it shows it until the 4th temp is input x
  • Can't see the link hun - copy the link to your home page out of your web address bar!
  • i think you need to add your charts to the webpage where you get your link from x
  • The address bar just says fertilityfriend.com. I will copy and paste it here instead as it is confusing me!


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  • OK hun it's becasue you don't have enough temps in there before your temp rise. Looking at your chart I would hazard a guess that you ov'd on cd17 if you have 30ish day cycles. How long are your cycles normally? You still have ewcm though so it's hard to tell, but you can gte ewcm after ov too. You seem to have bd'd at the right times! good luck.x
  • Thank you! I hope that is the reason for it not detecting ov anyway. My cycles are a bit irregular, I'd say about 33 days. TMI but I've only got a small amout of CM everyday, and it has just happened to be more EW recently, but not much at all. xx
  • So yes then I would say you ov'd on cd17 and the small amount of ewcm you think you have been getting it probably left over from your OH iykwim :lol: as you've been at it a while now - you must be exhausted!!! image
  • LOL yep we have been tired! I've decided to give him a break and only bd lots around ov time. Next month will be easir as I will be using OPK sticks, so I will know when I ov. Although I took an OPK yest just out of curiosity and there's a faint line. Weird. I've done 3 HPT's an am not preg image
  • Well you will always see a faint line with opk's as you always have LH in your system - I will try and put some pictures up in a but for you of my sticks!
  • http://www.fertilityfriend.com/tg/entry/7609460.html

    Not sure if it will work but here is the link if not! You can see where I get faint lines and it only is positive when it goes as dark as the control lines!


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  • Ahh I see, good I seem to be normal then! Thanks for posting your pic, it's pretty difficulat to tell though till isn't it? x
  • Well CD13 and 14 are definately +ve and then it fades out again on cd15 so along with my temps I know I ov'd on cd15 as my temp went up on the monring of cd16 aswell! Hey presto! image
  • Oh yeah I see now. Well you're very organised! x
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