Anybody here from ....

You and Your Wedding or Cosmo Chat room??

K xx


  • I used to be on yayw, but not that much, mainly used to go on confetti. but got married in may last year, so not been on for ages!
  • I'm an ex-YAYW person too, like everyone else graduated after the wedding last year...

    There is quite a lot of us lurking in here... image
  • me too. I was hanging around in YAYW December 07 for a while although didn't post much..... X

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  • Yep, me too... I got married november last year and baby is due november this year!

  • me too! it was very useful for me and I miss all the wedding ideas the ladies from there gave me but now I've graduated!!
  • yay wicked I was Boo on YAYW and Karen-louise on Cosmo , I saw a few names and was like I am sure I have seen or spoken to them before lol.

    I got married 8th Dec 2007 image

    k xxx
  • Hey K lou I got married at the end of Dec 2007.... wasn't on the forum that much but I really loved the ideas and help I got.
    Do you go on it any more?
  • i'm an ex yywer!
    I still lurk on there occasionally but its all got a bit nasty.
    this place is much much nicer image

  • Not really no, I might once I am pregs on the you and your baby part as the girls there seem very helpful.

    K-lou xx
  • Just snuck in to say I'm a former YAYW gal. Got married on 28th Dec and our honeymoon baby is due in September !!
    Suz x
  • I think I remember you image well done honey wow you did not hang around eh lol well done image

    K xxx
  • I'm from YAYW too! I was sarahd1 and got married NYE 2007. I didn't post that much but made it to Bridezilla status just before the wedding! I was a little obsessed near the end and can see this being the same!

    Thanks K-lou for your advice on my post. I am going to do a test tomorrow and see how it goes! xx
  • I'm a current YAWYer! I'm very broody and want to start ttc NOW. H2b says not til after the wedding. Growl.
    Thought I'd get in here early, bit of a head start!
  • top shout starting early ... I wish I had starting reading and planning earlier....

    Good luck
  • Thank you! Everybody thinks I'm really young to be getting married (I'll be just 18 for the wedding) and keep telling me to wait a while before TTC, but I want lots of babies so I figured I'd start reading up on things, seeing if there's any long-term things I can do to help boost my fertility and stuff.

    It's great XD I'm so excited!!
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