grrr hormones!!

Beacause I have been on the pill for soooo long I had forgotten what it was like to feel hormonal!! Just watched the film Elf and cried buckets at the end! Why? because they had found Xmas spirit! Didnt help that there were scenes of babies and children aswell. OH asked me what was wrong and all I could come up with is !I dont know, sob"! Just needed to get that off my chest, sorry for the rant ladies. Bah humbug!!


  • LOL you have gotta love being a woman!! I cried at Scrubs the other night and regularly cry at X-Factor. How embarrassing!!
  • i did the same at elf a min ago!!!!! xx

  • Oh I love a good cry let it all out ha ha!

    I have just bought my mam My Sisters Keeper and am going to be watching that over xmas with her I hear thats a real tearjerker.

  • sparkling!!!!! its soooo sad i cried ALLL the way through it! most heartbreaking film i have ever watched!stock up with ya tissues-and dont watch it with anyone who will take the pi** 4 u crying xx

  • I cried at the end of Scrubs as well, darn these hormones!!! lol

  • I on;ly watched 5 minutes of PS I love you and my OH had to turn over I was in such a state lol!1
  • PS I love you is the last film I cried at I just love that film and how he left those letters was truly sad.

    Oh i will get a big box of tissues prob gonna lend it off my mam to watch on boxing day as am staying in this xmas cos am going to get my BFP.....PMA PMA!! and I wont want to go out!!

  • lol, we are a mushy lot!

  • :lol: Ladies I'm the same, cry at X Factor nearly every week and any sad film has me going.

    I've avoided my sisters keeper on purpose because I know I will cry buckets. We watched Marley & Me not long ago and I cried so hard it hurt my chest :lol: OH cried at that too though lol xx
  • Yep, my sisters keeper is a real a tearjurker - but nothing like the book!

    P.S. I love you was the same, I sobbed all the time when reading it!

  • maybe all these hormones are a sign! fingers crossed lol, notebooks another one x

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