Gutted, L phase.

Think I am out for this month. I am CD29(8dpo) and have started spotting this afternoon! so tomorrow will be CD1.......gutted........ was convinced my symptoms were real. I feel so so s***. I just want to go to bed and cry.:cry:

I dont think it is implantation as it is a mixture of brown and red (sorry tmi!)

This is the bit where i need advice. This is the 2nd month where my LP has been less than 10 days. Do I wait another month and then got o see doc or make appointment now? I think I am right in saying that LP has to be 10 days minimum?
Good luck to everyone else still in!


  • hi mrsmel.

    I have been reading some of the research on luteal phase defect and you can take vitamin b supplements and agnus castus. If you google it you'll find some more info. I'm not sure the doctor will do anything as from what i have heard unless you have been trying for a year they won't run any tests, unless you get a understanding doctor.

    I was worried about mine as well as i had a mc a few months ago and mine was only about 9 days so i took some vitamin b and it seems to have sorted it. But i'll have to see what happens this month.

    Hope this is of some help.

  • Thank you for that, off to holland and barrats for me tomorrow! I am also taking a conception multivit that includes the right amount of folic acid, will check RDA for vit B!
  • My luteal phase was less than 10 days when I had my first baby and am now preg again and I think again it was less than 10 days or even about 10 days. The doc could give you a progesterone test which has to be taken on a specific day though? Good luck x
  • Hi Mrsmel, not got any advice. Just wanted to say sorry you didn't get your bfp this month, i'm also out for April started spotting this morning. Good luck for next month x
  • Hi MrsMel,

    My luteal phase is also short at 8 days. You need to take vitamin B6 (which is different to vitamin B) but the recommended dose of 50mg per day is 2500% of the rda so I'm not sure about taking it?!!

  • Mine is short too at 8-9 days but I got preg with lo within 6 months so it can and does happen. I tried taking vit B6, it didn't have any effect on my lp but does seem to work for others. Just a word of warning though, don't take too much B6 as it can give you numbness and tingling. good luck x
  • Thanks Emmsy!

    I've started on my B6 and am just hoping it works!

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