Does everybody get EWCM when they OV or is it poss to OV and not get any at all?



  • I haven't had it for months and it always worries me but after a lot of dodgy internet searches on Google, I gather you don't HAVE to have it to ovulate. I've started taking Evening Primrose and Preseed to help the slippery situation and hope that will be enough.
  • Oh really?? i was wondering if there was anything i could take to help it? I was just wondering if everybody had it as everybody sees to talk about it but was wondering what would happen if I did not get it.

    I might buy that then just normal evening primrose? will this be ok with me taking Folic Acid as well?

    I have never heard of Preseed.

  • Hi K-Lou, I've just bought some preseed. Basically, Evening Primose should help you make it naturally and preseed is a sperm friendly lubricant to help with those days when you're just not really in the mood but ttc takes over!!!! Romantic, isn't it!!!
  • And very messy in my experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Eeewwwww!! Not tried it yet cos it only came a couple of days ago and the bitch AF turned up yesterday. Will ensure plenty of tissues are on hand!! Sorry TMI!!!
  • HA HA HA I am all red in the face now LOL where can you buy preseed? my god i will be taking half a dozen pills everyday LOL


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  • K-lou - preseed can be bought on ebay or accessdiagnostics and other websites. It isn't a pill though and I don't advise eating it!!!
    If you take epo only take it up to the date you ov.

  • dg - I just seriously LOL!!!! Don't advise eating it!! Brilliant!!! You have made my day!!!

  • Oh my god I am so blonde (even though I have brown hair) i wrote that and then though on my god its not a pill and thought I changed it before anybody saw it LOL how red faced am I!!!!

    Oh right ok the thing is i am not 100% sure when i am OV so would you say to take it like 14 days from my last period? Say starting on the day of my first bleed?

  • Sorry - double post

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  • Not to worry K-Lou. We all have those moments!! A friend of mine had tonsilitis while on holiday in France and went to the chemists with his girlfriend (now his wife). He explained his symptoms as best as he could and she gave him a pill. So, as he was in complete agony and had no water he chewed the pill. While chewing he said 'this tastes funny' and turned round to see his girlfriend wetting herself with the instructions. It was a suppository (sp)!!!!!!! How I laughed when she told the story!!!! He sheepishly had to go back to the chemists to explain what he had done to get another one!!!!
  • ha ha ha thats story has made me laugh so much!! You knw sometimes I speak without thinking and then think to myself oh my god didI just say that LOL

  • ha ha ha thats story has made me laugh so much!! You knw sometimes I speak without thinking and then think to myself oh my god didI just say that LOL

  • k-lou - i'm not sure about how long to take it for if you don't know when you are oving. I've only started taking it this month so don't know if its doing any good but I also use ov sticks so i know when to stop. Anyone else out there know???

    MrsH - love that story. now i'm lol !!!!
  • hey K-Lou,, just to let you know, when i had m implant out, i had lots of EWCM and look at my position now lol, i say go BD lol xx
  • I'm with you on that K-Lou. I say some really daft things sometimes but it all makes up for a fun life!!!

  • K-Lou, I took epo this month but only 1000mg per day, going to increase to 2500 mg next month as I didn't notice any difference. I got mine from Holland and Barrett, they have had fab offers etc. Take it from CD1 ish until you O. I don't know about my O either so took it till cd15 as my shortest cycle was 30 days. Wish I'd taken it for longer as I'm on CD37 but never mind, next month may add more days too. I'll try pre seed if I ever pin point O time as it's expensive over time. EPO id fine with taking folic acid etc. We'll all rattle soon!! My DH is on Zinc, vit E and brazil nuts!

    Oh and I had ewcm for the 1st 3 months when off pill but now have none at all. I didn't BD enough when I had it as I didn't know enough about it so you can imagine how I'm kicking myself now.
  • I've never had ewcm, ever, and I've conceived. I know others have said the same. So don't worry, lack of it doesn't have to indicate a problem :\)

    I also took EPO and wasn't sure when to stop taking it as my periods were very irregular after coming off the pill. In the end I decided to take it up to day 14, just because it was as good an estimate as any of ov. Not very scientific but worked for me.
  • Sorry to gatecrash your post K Lou - but can you have EWCM and not OV?
  • Ok thanks girls, I mean this should be the time i am OV I have just come off the pill but have to think I am on a 28 cyc till i really have AF and have had a pain on my left hand side a dull sort of pain and again that feeling of feeling full though no EWCM.

    I think i am due to OVthis friday so I know I still have today and tomorrow but i was not sure on all the info image

    I feel really low today ;-(

    K xxx
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