BFP yesterday but now worrying!!

Hi, i got my BFP yesterday after 7 months of trying and im worrying already!!

Basically i took a SD test yesterday morning after my temp had kept going up instead of down over the last few days, and it came up as positive.

We decided that we'd do another test this morning just to make sure, and I also took my temperature as well at the normal time-but it went down slightly. I still got 2 BFP on a SD and First Response test and the line was definitely no worse than yesterday but I dont think it was any stronger.
Im worrying now though that there might be something wrong because my temperature went down a bit


  • hiya, i got my bfp same time as you..and although i dont take temp, i honestly wouldnt worry about it.

    a bfp is a bfp.

    we spend sll this time worrying we wont get preg, then once we are we cant quite believe it, and worry about everything.

    i found this on interenet hope it reassures you alittle xx

    It is very common for a woman's body temperature to change during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman's metabolism speeds up, which causes her body to create additional heat. To help to cope with this, a woman's body temperature actually decreases over the course of her pregnancy, to keep her base temperature from rising as her metabolic rate rises. The rise in metabolic rate is also part of the reason that she will need to take in extra calories during pregnancy.
  • Aah thanks lauragcam, I think im just worrying for worryings sake!!!
    Im going to stop temping and just take things a day at a time. I've not done my Clear blue digital yet, so am going to give it a go on monday when hopefully my HCG will have increased a bit more. Thanks for your help xx
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