really confused! help!!

how do i know when to test when i dont even know when my af is due? Im guessing that im on a 28 day cycle so have been going from that but how do i know if its changed since being on the pill? Have been off the pill since late March and AF was 1 and a half weeks late for the first real af since being off the pill

And I dont even know when i ov as i dont know my cycles so again ive gone on the 28 day thing x


  • Hi there! I haven't been on the pill for years but if I were you, I'd wait a few months for your cycle to sort itself out. Mine took months and even after a mc it took a good month... If after a month or two your body doesn't seem to be settling, I'd talk to your doc.

  • thanks hun. I think maybe we will just relax about it and do lots of bd'ing and see what happens! x
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