Think we are heading into month 2 of ttc

Well I think AF is on here way as I have a dull ache in back and lower tummy. Since coming off the pill I have not had a cycle the same. My last one was 36 days and at the moment I am on CD34 so hopefully I am right about AF being on her way. I am not too bothered that we have not managed this month as I wasn't expecting to with DH being ill on and off and having no idea when I OV (and if I even have) as I have had no signs I don't think (well no CM). Also it was our first month of trying officially. I normally don't have a high sex drive but this month have managed to do it a few times so we are nearly in some kind of rotinue! Also at christmas when we were going to start trying we bought a 3 months supply of sanatogen pronatel his and hers and we still have 2 months supply left - they were expensive so think it will be good with we get our BFP in month 3 so as not to waste DH supply (i of course can still take mine once we have the BFP) :lol:
I have just been on Amazon and ordered two books - zita west's a guide to getting pregnant and another one called getting pregnant faster - anyone got these? any comments?

H2B and I went into manchester today for lunch with SIL and niece. Our dear little niece is 18mths and so gorgeous. SIL was dropping all kind of hints about us getting pregnant such as Niece has out grown her cot but they will save it and put it in the loft as you never know who will need it next, also about the pram and how they will save it for us! I just kept denying anything and making jokes that I didn't know my other SIL was pregnant again.


  • Oh I hate it when people make well-meaning comments to try to find out if you're ttc. It just makes you feel worse, even though they mean it kindly.

    I have Zita West and think its really good. I'm on month 4 but cycle 3 of ttc and getting a bit frustrated with the whole thing. But we must keep our PMA. I spent yesterday with a friend and her 6 month old son who is just divine and made me want one even more so I sympathise!
  • HI Mrs Calopa! I've got Zita West's Guide to getting pregnant! Its amazing probably one of the best books I read on ttc, had a flick through getting pregnant faster and its similar to the other one just much shortened, I'd read Guide to getting pregnant first and the other one after just to reinforce things LOL! Good luck and happy reading! image
  • Hi all. I'm heading into month 2 as well. My PMA is still ok at the moment, not sure if it'll stay that way!
    I have a friend who is ttc as well, so she is the only one who knows (even though I wasn't supposed to tell her!) Then my OH went an told my uncle, just because he asked how things were! Blooming uncle of all people! My aunt the same day asked if I was pg, because of a look my OH gave me during a conversation!
    I have a 22 month old god daughter, and just glad not too many people are asking when I'm going to have kids. Hate lying, and you can't help a little smile to yourself!
    Good luck those of you ttc, and congrats SB MrsT. Baby dust all round. x
  • AF is here - cycle a few days shorter then last time. Now on CD2

    Looking at my monthly cycles over the next 3 months I am apparently due to ov at times of the month that have meaning to me - middle of may (just after my mums birthday), June - just after my 30th and July - just as we finish work for 2 weeks!!! Significant whose knows - but i think so
  • every cloud has a silver lining

    SB - get down to the post office now (ok tomorrow)

    I promise I won't be come a POAS addict - it just would be nice to know if I am actually OV due to lack of CM
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