Anyone else testing on monday?

Hi girls like the title says is there anyone else testing on monday? The wait is driving me crazy but i do have lots of pma this month as i think ive had a implantation bleed but if af does show her ugly head i will be coming back down to earth with a big bag!
Baby dust to allimage


  • I would ike to wait till monday im just not very good at that how many days.late wil on monday?
  • i will join you, probably shouldnt but i will be 9/10 DPO, what the hell i have 40 tests :lol:

    good luck x
  • Omg piggypops 40 tests!!! Could i have 1 .lol. I havent got any test yet as i always test early and bfn are heart breaking so i promised myself i wouldnt buy anyimage
    happygemz my af is due on monday so heres hoping she wont turn up image
    Good luck then girls x
  • i got a load of cheapies ones with my OPKs, they worked for us last time x

    good luck ladies
  • Ive just tested at 3dpo so im bound to be testing again on mon! lol.xx
  • Hi, I will be with you on Monday no idea what my dpo will be (still not figured out how to work that out) but I will be due AF on Monday and I have a fairly regular 30 day cycle - fingers crossed for all! x
  • Let the count down commence !!!lol image x
  • HIya

    I'M cd21 2day and last months cycle was 25 days,I'm Ioona try wait till Mon! LOL

    I go away on holiday on 2nd august with kids and bf so hoping ill either get a bfp! or early af lol x
  • :lol: at debbie, naughty girl!!
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