Due to OV 15th July

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  • Hiya - well icould be with you but i am due to test soon but dont know how long my cycle is yet. I am on cd27 today and dont know when to test as have only had one natural cycle and dont know how long that was. If you were me when would you test? xxxxxxxxxxx
  • AF is due 12 July-ish, so I'm hoping to be testing around then...

    Hoping July is a good month for us both!
  • Em, if I were you I'd wait a little longer, as long as you can to be honest! I'd maybe last till cd30!
  • em29 - if you do not not how long you're last cycle was I guess you will prob be best to test from day28 - and then every 4 days or so until you get one result or the other!
  • thanks immense and gypsy. I might do a test tomorrow as near chemist to buy pregnancy test. Cant keep them in the house anymore because i pee on them for no reason! I have even done it durin af just tocheck!!! I dont think anything will come of it but there no harm in just checking.....lol!
  • I might be!! My ov varies a bit so might be on the 12th or 13th or 14th or 15th or 16th or 17th!!!! We might be on the 2ww together!!! I'm on cd3 today. Sorry af found you and with nasty symptoms. Hope you have a better round this time.
  • According to my chart I'd due to OV on the 16th too. Currently CD6.
  • If the fat lady sings today then yep ill be OV around the same time....in theory on the 15th too. Then we'll be on that dreaded 2ww together again! Month No 5 here we come...
  • Em, I tested on CD27 and got my BFP but the general advise is to wait as long as possible x
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