How long was you on the pill?

Hi girls

I was on micro 30 for just under two years. Does it matter how long you have been on it? If you have not been on it for long does that mean it can leave your body faster than somebody who has been on it for years? Do you think it affects the side effects you might have once coming off the pill?

K xx


  • I was on Dianette for about 10 years. Got put on it originally for teenage acne and never had any problems with it so never got took off it. One thing i know is i'm never going back on it thats for sure.
  • I have heard some stories about that pill making people have all these signs when they come off it? I have only been off mine a month but so far had no side effects though in saying that I could be waiting months now for my next AF to show up?

    K xx
  • I don't think the length of time or the pill you were on make much difference as to how long it takes to come out of your system and side effects, it's just your own body that does! I was on for 10 years on microgynon then femodene for 5 before that. Have had regular periods since coming off straight away. Did have spots mood swings etc though! Then there is always the possibility that people naturally have odd cycles anyway, but that the pill just covered them up.
  • I'm like you lucille - was on microgynon for 10 years and celeste for 8 years and my cycles went back to normal within one month. The only side effect I have had is that I feel much less bloated - which is good in my books! I'm like you SLOW - never going back on it!

  • Thats very true. I was always dead on time before the pill , I was never late so I am really hoping that this will mean that will come back soon but who knows?

  • You know what i feel like that I am not as bloated as I normally am which is greatimage

  • hi was on the pill (cilest) for 3mths this time round oh decided he wanted to try now (we were going to wait till the end of the year) was on the same pill for 8yrs but got pg while taking it so didnt get any side effect then but not to sure now was thinking i could be pg as i have sore boobs and sensitive hard nipples (sorry tmi) feeling sick all the time dizzy spells and i never get any of these before af is due normally get very bad af pains but none so far due on 31st. sorry if ive gone on a bit feeling a bit down 2day
  • I was on Micro 30 for 12 years. God I'm regretting it now.
  • I don;t have very much cm like I did a few days ago which is not a very good sign and also since this morning my boobs are KILLING ME. They are sooo sore on the side esp my left one. I think this is how it;s going to be now every AF time image

  • Hiya! I was on the pill for 10plus years, I came off and first af was 54 days after, then the cycle reduced over time. It took 6 months to get pg and i didnt ever go down to a 'normal' cycle... It was sooo frustrating because i had more pg symptoms coming off the pill than I actually had now im PG!! lol! Any questions you want to ask please feel free xxx
  • Hiya, i was on micro 30 for 4 years. Came off it and DH and i got pg first month. I'm not sure the pill can cause problems i wonder if it takes longer to get out of the system for some peeps?? Sorry this probably isn't a help, but i don't think being on pill will effect your chances hunny xx
  • Em- did your breasts change at all once you came off the pill?? I have found that I now have blue veins that run through my nipple and also they are so sore they hurt much more than they did when I was on the pill. Also my nipples keep changing colour lol as odd as that sounds. One min they are pink the next they are dark.

    K xx
  • What symptoms did you have Em? I am in the same boat I think - I have been off the pill for 2 months now and was convinced I was pregnant due to my symptoms but I'm not! It's so hard as you try and forget about it and then every twinge or wave of nausea sets you right back! I was with my sister all weekend and she doesn't know we are ttc or that I am off the pill and she kept remarking that I was pregnant when I complained about my ailments!! I am smelling everything and it is making me feel sick, I'm constipated, I don't want to eat much but I am craving ice-cream (I have never been a big ice-cream eater), I'm bloated, I have heartburn (right now actually), cramps in my stomach and my lower back, my boobs are sore & my chest underneath, my nipples are darker and sensitive, I have been suffering from the worst headaches, my skin is awful - the list does go on but I won't bore you even more! Did you have all these symptoms too? How long did they last for? Sorry to gatecrash a post but I am driving myself insane! xx
  • I was on microgynon 30 for about 8-9 years, I came off it a couple of years ago (Maybe 3) as me and my then boyfriend were having very little sex. I wasn't TTC (Obviously) so didn't really take any notice of when my periods came back but as far as I can remember they did come back without a problem.

    About 2 years ago I went on the mini-pill (new partner, and I am old) but came off it in October. I have been TTC eversince with no success. When I came off the mini-pill I was 5 days late with my period but now have a regular 23/24 day cycle.
  • Hi girls,

    All throughout my cycles when ON the pill my boobs would never be a signal - meaning, they wouldnt hurt or show when af was coming, after i finished the pill i would get EXTREMELY sore nipples and i mean like needles... it was something that would occur at particular times in the cycle but as i had such terribly long cycles i couldnt say what point it was. Symptoms id have were bloating, going off food (this was really weird) headaches, nausea, dizzy spells - i cant tell you how many times i 'thought' i was pregnant because id have classic symptoms... and thats the most heartbreaking part i think, because its like your body is playing tricks on you. I think its good to symptom spot - because you get to know your own body.. and like i said, im now in my second trimester of pregnancy and lets just say ive had it easy! So maybe its a good sign for you girls... crappy signals after the pill = good pregnancy!!!!!! lol....

    One thing that used to occur, just for you to make note, and i never had this before. I thought i had implanation/ovulation spotting - maybe i was clutching onto straws? not sure.. but id have brown cm etc maybe 5-7 days BEFORE af even started... whereas before id have that literally hours before af... Its weird how your body can just change completely.

    Trust me though, i know exactly how you are feeling right now, and i wanted to throw a bucket load of baby dust for you! I;ll keep floating incase there are any other questions
  • Thank you Em for all of that and congrats on your baby image

    It;s very odd I feel as if I am coming on though as this is my first natural bleed after the pill I have no idea when it will be. Like you I had very sore nips fr0om after OV and they have stayed the same. Now today my boobs are soooo sore at the sizes but I have not really had any sickness or dizzy spells as of yet!!!

    Part of me just wants to come on so that we can try again and I just know we have not done it this month.

    I never use to have cramps before AF it would just turn up but for the last three days have had cramps, little pains in my groin area?

    k xx
  • Oh i really hope it does come for you soon, it does get frustrating, the 2ww leading to the 3 and then 4! GRRR!! Its good you know when you ov .. im pretty sure now that I DIDNT ov at all for 5 months... only because i got EWCM in March bd'd one night in two weeks and hey presto... that was the first EWCM since finishing pill, bizarrely id get it when ON the pill lol!!!!

    Patience is a virtue, and its such a frustrating time - one thing i can guarantee - it WILL come!!! it really will happen to you all........ Plus.... Summer Babies are cool!! So get practising lol... mines a winter! but im going for summertime next time round xxx
  • Thanks love , I was a little worried i did not OV at first as I never really got EWCM mine was wet and stringy well a bit but not as much as some girls get . I am going to start to take EPO next month and also buy some of that preseed I have heard good things about that?

  • ooh yes i have too!! I bought some of that Agnus stuff too - it arrived the day i got my positive lol........ oooh if anyone is interested... they can have it!!

  • i was on the pill for 10 years, cam off end jan, cycles have been all over the place and af that i have had have been very light nd not painful, so don't think i am ov'ing at all!!! & doc agreed!

    i tell you once i get my body sorted out i will not be going back on the pill until i am sure i have had all the babies i want!!! really don;t want to go through all this again!!!!
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