okay so i tested and i know i shouldnt have... UPDATED

Im 10DPO and 4 days away from AF being due. I have some ebay One Step tests which claim to be 10miu which is the most sensitive test by far (FR is 25) and it says you can test up to 4 days early.

I used FMU and nothing for 10mins until a very and i mean very faint 2nd line appeared, by faint i mean if i hold it up to the light about 6inches from my face i can make one out lol Dont know what to think, ive heard a lot of stories of evap lines with the ebay tests and seeing as you can test 6days early with the FR 25miu test i would have thought the 10miu test would have picked up a positive at 10DPO?

Ahhhhh! Why did i test? I was going to wait till sunday! Im not going to use a FR yet as i dont think it would pick it up yet. I was over a week late before getting a positive with my dd but that was a CB and they are even less sensitive.

Has any one had this sort of thing with a cheapy test? Im going to tests again with FMU tomorro and see what happens xx
OKay so i tested again with FMU with an ebay cheapy same as yest but not quite as faint but still really hard to see, used a FR aswell and... BFP!!!!! i cant believe it! Goes to show those ebay tests are rubbish considering they are meant to be more sensitive than FR by 15miu! The line is faint on FR but its def there dont need to hold in the light or squint or anything lol. Oh my god im pregnant! Hubby in work so ive got no one to tell and im so excited i could burst!

Ive had no symptoms other than extra CM nothing at all! Thank you all for your support, this forum is fab, everyone is so kind. Sending lots of babydust to you all xx

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  • Hi i cant really help sorry but just wanted to ask what fr tests are really called? i have always used cbd quite early and had 1-2 weeks before never really tried anything else. xxx
  • first responce hun xx
  • Hey LB
    I am keeping all of my fingers crossed for you!
    Last month I did a test with a FR and after about 10 mins a very faint pink line came up but it turned out to be nothing. I have learnt my lesson about looking at tests after the time!!!
    Test again in the morning with FMU and see!

    Sorry not used anything but FR.....

    GOOD LUCK image
  • I used a supermarket own brand once so not one of the super cheap ones but nothing like a fr or cb, and got a rediculously faint line same as you. bought a cb, did it next morning & got a strong line - went on to have ds! But my mate used same brand, got faint line and when she used fr it was nothing & not preg, so unfortunately it could mean anything!

    Try again in a couple of days with a fr & you should know from that. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you LB!!
  • i used the ebay cheapies last year and they picked up my + 5 days early. line was very faint but pink and if you didnt look closeley you would have missed it. next day it was clearer and a CBD confirmed pregnant on the same day. so hcg levels must have been fairly high at that point. good luck

  • I would be careful with the ebay strips and evap lines- I have had a few, one that was really clear, I'd be careful if it's after the time limit. Also, I really do doubt they are 10miu, people I have known get their BFP on branded tests have often found the strips pick the pg up later and the lines are generally fainter. With my dd I did a cheapy what must have been 16dpo and it was still really faint where as the branded tests were so clear.
    I would get a superdrug test hun, they really are 10miu so very sensitive and the lines are nice and big and easy to read!

    Really do hope it is the beginning of your BFP!

  • How long are you meant to leave it for result? I know the cheap ov ones I have say discard after a certain amount of time...
    All I can suggest is to test again in a day or 2.
    I got BFP last year... I had tested at about 8 dpo and neg. Next day at lunchtime I suddenly had the urge to test again even tho I was 100% sure I wasn't preg and AF wasn't due either! Got a really faint line and took the day before's out of ht ebin to compare and OMG that had a line too! I had tossed it away as soon as the control line came up and hadn't waited the 3 mins! Looked back at that day's test and line was stronger! So it is possible. These were tesco cheapy tests.
    Fingers crossed hun image
  • I have had lines on ebay 10miu test and im not pregg's they get really bad evap lines.....

    Try a superdrug test there 10miu and not bad in price either...
    I use ebay cheepies then when i need to i have 2 superdrug just in case image knowing my luck there going to go out of date first :lol:

    Best of luck hoping its a BFP xx
  • Does it say when to discard it? 10 mins seem to be a long time to take. As far as I know most tests pick up the hormone within 3 minutes.
  • hey, i used a first response test 2 days early and had the exact same thing happen, the line was so faint i had 2 hold it to the light and this was also after ten mins and it is recommended that you read the result in 5 mins and discard it after that. later that evening my period came, i did another test after which was definatley negative. i dont mean to dissapoint you just thought it might be helpful for you to no, but good luck xx
  • Thanks for your replies, i think its a negative and i was getting a bit carried away image The test said read after 5 and discard after 10. DH says he cant see a line, isnt it amazing how you can convince yourself you can see a line just because you want it so much?!

    I will test again 2morro and use a FR on sunday if still no AF, still crossing everything but im not very hopeful anymore image
    Thanks girls xx
  • Try and keep that PMA alive and kicking, LB, you never know what might happen! Good luck hon x
  • Good Luck little button, heres hoping you get a BFP xx
  • Hooray!! Congratulations!!
    Glad you said you had no symptoms, i'm only 5DPO and panicking at my lack of anything lol!
  • Hooray!! Congratulations!!
    Glad you said you had no symptoms, i'm only 5DPO and panicking at my lack of anything lol!
  • OMG!!! Congratulations!! Wonderful news! You must be so excited!

    Enjoy telling DH and have a H & H 9 months!

    So pleased for you! xxx
  • CONGRATS!! Really happy for you xx
  • Congratulations!! Aww thats brilliant news LB!!
    Can you ring your hubby? Or would you rather wait til he's home?!
    Oh this is such good news! image
  • Whoo hooo!!!
    Big congratulations LB!!!
    So there was a sneaky bean among us!
  • congratulations hun xxx
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