CB digital OPK sticks...

I must have the worlds tiniest bladder!!! :lol:

I'm using the CB digital ones which say you shouldn't urinate for the four hours before hand - OMG I can't do it!!!
Anyone else used these tests and not held it in for long?? :lol:

The longest I can manage is about 2 hours before I'm bursting to the point it hurts.

I want my smiley face dog nam it!!


  • Hi MrsFozz,

    I have been using my CB digi sticks with fmu, read on here that you couldn't do that, but the instructions say that you can use urine from any time of day. But I am able to hold it though so am really no help to you, but I can bump up your post :lol: xx
  • G/C but just wanted to share that I too used FMU (as per the instructions) and got a BFP as a result.

    Good Luck x
  • Thank you for your replies ladies.
    MrsLolly84 have you ever had a smiley doing it with FMU? I've been waiting as I read it was best to test between 2-4pm.

    Littlewolf & Sharmy - Are you using the CBFM? I've just bought the opk sticks which are different.

  • No I used the Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Sticks and got a smiley face using FMU. Im sure the instructions recommended using FMU but I read alot of conflicting advice not to. I think it depends on the brand as to what they recommend but def used CB OPK and def got a smiley at 8am in the morning and 8 days later a 2nd line on a First Response.

    Good Luck Honey x
  • Well sod that then, I shall be POAS in the morning ! :lol:

    Cheers Sharmy x
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