LP question, waiting for AF after OV


RIGHT- i thought that your LP doesnt ever change, like it will ALWAYS be eg 14 days or whatever...is that right?

URGH, I OVd two weeks ago on Sat and im *patiently* waiting for AF now, but im so bored, i just want to get onto a new cycle.

If my LP changes, then i guess its not so bad waiting, its just that i knew when i OVd so i just kept waiting...BOO!!!

Thank you
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  • your LP can change chick but only by a few days,im not sure ive had many the same but my body since 08 has decided just to do what ever it wants lol x
  • have you done a preg test? would be the 1st thing id do if AF was late!
  • hmmm, ive done lots!!! Im really bad!!!! I used an OPK, so then i'll work from about 3 days after when i got a high...its so annoying!!!

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