any ideas what goin on...??**UPDATE**

Hi ladies just wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows what's going on? I came off the pill last month, had a withdrawl bleed and 10 days later af arrived. Am now on cd 9 and last bd on Friday night. No idea how long my cycles are or if I have ovulated yet but when I wiped this morning I had a tiny amount of brown blood on tissue- sorry tmi- hope no one is eating their breakfast as they read this!! Could it be another af on the way I know it can take a while for ur body to get back to normal. Haven't been feelin well the past couple of days and was up during the night being sick so can't even say I ve noticed any ov symptoms. Thanks for reading x x. ***** Well af hasn't appeared again as yet so decided to use a opk and a very faint line appeared. Not as dark as control line but defo tho so maybe its time to get bding!!!*****

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  • Morning. So am I right in thinking that you had your pill bleed, then 10 days later you had af and now almost 10 days later it looks like she's here again?
    If so, I would think it's just your body getting used to being off the pill? Hope it sorts itself out soon! X

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  • Yeah that's what I thought. X
  • hope ur body sorts its self out huni, if in doubt take a test in a few days. xx
  • Hi - I've posted a similar question to yours! I came off Yasmin at the end of feb and have a bleed but nothing since apart form slight spotting. Keep me posted! xx
  • Thanks girls x
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