hhhmmm not sure...

Hey girls, had the most amazing night last night at the bsb concert and am well and truly relaxed!!!! If af comes nx wk im pretty cool about it too as am on a total high lol!!!! Trying not to freak out to much but just did a access diagnostic test and.....im sure theres a 2nd line!!! Well theres is but its v v faint...and i know how bad these tests can be for doing that so not guna get excited about it....will leave it a few days and test again am only 7dpo today!!! I nearly fainted last night and keep feeling queasy which is why i thought id test, wish id been a gd girl and left it now lol!!!!! km xxxxx image image image


  • Has a positive note to it woomummy, but you're right, it's still very early! Hope you don't send yourself mad over the weekend! Fingers crossed, hey??!!!
  • oooh you naughty girl testing so early. Really hope its a BFP for you- after all this time you deserve it!
  • Kim naughty girl! But ohhhhhhh how exciting!!!!!!!!!!
    I really hope you have done it this month! Test again in a few days (if you can wait that long!)LOL!xxx
  • Naughty you!! glad you enjoyed bsb. Don't test again til nearer af due date ... if you can bear the wait!!!! Keep us posted!!!
  • ooooooh how exciting you never know, hope it is pos, good luck x x x
  • ohhh.. it is early hun but you never know... got everything crossed for you!!!

    Cant believe it was the bsb concert last night, doesnt seem 2 mins since you were telling me you had got the tickets!!
    Doesnt time fly. Hpope your ok hun

    caz xxx
  • Its early but sounds promising. Good luck and hope it comes real in a day or two. Good luck.Sxx
  • Sounds pos to me!
    I got a v v v faint line on one of the cheap Ebay fertility plan ones which I didn't trust. Rushed out to get CBD and got BFP. Get a CBD!
  • Hey girls thanks for all ur msg....i know im bad and i was stupid to do it!!! Im guna try to hold off til monday now which will put me at 10dpo.....prob just a dud one!!! I just feel really rubbish at the mo, light headed all the time and sicky....and keep getting a pulling pain on my right.....but cud be nothing so im guna be a gd girl and enjoy my wkend then obsess about it on monday lol!!! xxxx
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