What will increase my LP length?

After an LP of only 10 days this month and 9 days last month I'm wondering how to increase it. I have a feeling its vit B6 or agnus castus but I'm not sure as this is a new thing for me, my usual LP has been 12-14 days.
I'd appreciate any info anyone has.


  • hi hjanea, i take vitamin b6 to help with pms. i was reading up the other day and it says it also helps with mood, weight and the length of lp. i feel good for being on it. although i think ac is very good for regulating your cycles but not sure as ive not taking it.xxx
  • Oooh thanks angel, I'll order some. There have been posts about it in the past but have obviously gone in one ear and out the other as it didn't really apply to me then.
  • hi Helen,

    so your bang on ov try this month did not work?? :\(

    B6 is right for lengthening LP, maybe ask grudie i know she takes B6 but could be on something else too as she has a shortish LP too.

    I took it for a month but it turned my pee illuminous yellow image which i read means that my body was just getting rid of it cause it didnt need it, its not stored in the body any excess is excreted so wasnt much point p*ssing money down the drain haha!! sorry could not resist the pun imageimage

    best of luck.
  • that be right katyji, i read that it only helps if you are deficient in itxxx
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