Don' t know where I stand?

Hi girls,

I was due on this Saturday and I did a test and it was BFN, I also did another test this morning and again at 16DPO it was BFN.

I have all these signs though and i have not come on yet and I have no idea what is going on. My signs are:

Constipation for about 5 days but since yesterday I now have a really bad belly
Can taste blood in my month
Gums are not bleeding
Lat night I could see brown rings around my nipple area
I am still sooo bloated
One day late
Lower back is killing me
Boobs are swollen and fuller still and still sore- without a bra they kill me.
Head aches
Feel hot all the time.
Flu like symptoms all of yesterday though today they have gone?
Have had 4 little ulcers on my tough which i never get?
Last night and this morning I nearly fainted and I fee sick

Ok i can't think of anything else but it's driving me mad I just want to know either way why am i feeling like this do you think it;s still coming off the pill the last time I took it was the 28th April.

K xx

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  • Hi K-Lou
    I feel for you, I really do!
    Im in the same boat as you, was due on Saturday and still no AF.
    I too have sore boobs and yesterday I had a right sweat on sat in a vest and shorts and also felt sick.
    This morning I have some lower belly ache so maybe AF is on way, but no sign yet!

    Its not like you can even go to the doctors and get them to tell you one way or the other!
    I always use the first wee of the day aswell to try and get the highest concentrate of hormones too.
    What more can you do?!
    I guess you have to just wait and see.
  • i can sympathise with you on the not knowing whats going on part! i feel like i am either imaging things ar going insane too xx hopefully we will have bfp soon xx
  • It really does sounds like your are pg hun. Sometimes the tests just don't pick up the hormone until later.
    All you can do really is keep testing really. Are you using the most sensitive ones you can find?

    If you know you ov'd 16 days ago then it shouldn't be due to coming off pill delaying things as your luteal phase doesn't really vary.

    Gook luck. xx
  • K my boobs have got loads bigger and are really sore too, which i had with izzy so fingers crossed, you might still b pg babe, its not over yet, just keep calm xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks girls, It's more the I feel so rubbish that is getting me down. I tested with the free tests you get when you buy pre-seed I think it said they were 25 on the packet not really sure what that means.

    I just know my body is playing games with me. My cervix is still really high and I feel wet down there and have like cremay cm?

    Oh sorry girls i know I am going on about this just a pain in the back side. All I can do really is wait.

    K xxxxxxxx
  • The ones I use are 10 miu. Could you get them from somewhere? I order mine form ebay - Fertility Plan shop - and they tend to arrive the next day.
    Otherwise what about a cd digi. They seem pretty sensitive as when I got my bfp with the 10 miu ones the line was so so faint but the cb digi still picked it up.
  • I don't mean to put a dampner on it but it could be that ur body is still settling down after the pill and things might be a little irregular 4 a while. I had a bang on 28/30 day cycle 1st 2 months (bfp 2nd month) and now mine are all over the place. And if ur 1st af was a WD bleed u can't really base this as the time length for ur cycle.

    keep holding out hun it may still be a bfp in the next few days i was 5 days late b4 i got my bfp!!!

    Fingers crossed 4 u!!
  • Hi girls,

    No i stopped taking the pill and 3 days after that I had my normal WD bleed and then 28 days later had my first real AF I bleed really heavy and it last 6 days in all, on and off.

    I think you are right though about my body still being all over the place from the pill I just can't understand why I have some of these things though .Like having a blood taste in my month i have never ever had that and it really does look like i have a dark circle around my nipple area. Even hubby made a comment about that last night.

    It will just be a waiting game I guess i might buy some of those 10 Preg test and see how it goes. I had a funny feeling my second AF would be all messed up!

    K xxx
  • This has gotta be a BFP K-Lou!!!
  • the body does funny things to you when your ttc,keep saying to your self its not over till the fat lady sings,i got my bfp yesterday,you got 3 symptoms same as me and that is feeling sick/dizzy,back pain and feeling hot all the time so it does sound promising and you have got loads more too :lol: keeping my fingers crossed for you

  • Thanks girls, see part of me thinks it;s too much to have all these signs you know? Most women who get the BFP hardly have any and I have sooo many it's like it's too much to actually be a BFP.

    The only things i am happy about and think maybe is the fact I have more creamy cm when i am normally very dry, my cervix has stayed high for about 5 days now , and the fact I can tatse like blood in my month? I have had that all morning?

    Though again my gums bleed so there could be a problems with my gums?

    K xxx
  • fall3n-ang3l - sorry was meant to say congrats to you babe i am so pleased for you, you must be over the moon image

    k xx
  • dont forget klou symptoms of been pregnant are very simular to the dreaded af so it does look good with all you have got,my gums bleed all the time,been like it for years,iam sick off it and yes it could mean you have aproblem with your gums,i should really say summit to the dentist but hes awful,hes like a butcher,ive started to use that mouthwash what has been advirtised on telly,cant remember what its called but it very good,but my gums are still bleeding though :lol:

  • K-Lou, try and stay positive, you really never know.
    Some women have lots of symptoms, some have none - who knows which you will fall into?
    I feel like my boobs have gone up 2 cup sizes and they feel almost bruised - whats that about!?
    No AF still so im trying to stay calm and resist the urge to spend another ??10 on tests onto mid week!
    Are you keeping a diary of sympotoms?
  • Oh mrs dickson i really do hope it's a BFP for youimage Yeah I am writing them all down. Yeah I guess so, all I can do now is wait there is no point in keep testing really, surly if i was it would have shown up by now anyway.

    At least being late means I will not OV now the weekend i am away lol

    k XXX
  • Well I keep thinking that if i was it would have shown up by now, but i too have been using the 25 thingy tests, so maybe I dont have a very high level of the hormone yet?!
    We tried really hard this month so I was really hopeful, but if im not, I kinda want to get AF over and done with and get onto monthe 3 of ttc!

    My best friend had a BFN when she was 3 days late and then a BFP 24 hours later, so im clinging to that for hope!

    She also has lots of preminitions about people being pregnant that are more often than not true and she keeps telling me she has very high hopes for me this month.

    As you can see, im now clutching at straws!!!

  • image - thats what I have been told I looked on line last night and so many girls said they did not get the BFP till about a weel or two after they were late. I don't mind being preg I just want to get AF over and done with so we can start trying again like you said.

    This will also mean month 3 for us as well image

    You never know then what signs have you had??

    K xxx
  • oooo still in with a chance k lou!! good luck XX
  • I had a metal tast in my mouth a few days ago, but not again since, Ive been feeling sick and having dizzy spells, I have a dull lower back ache and "wired" feelings in my tummy - almost like a stretching and mild burning kind of feeling, and I had hearburn on friday really bad and I never get that.
    The sore boobs have only really been gradual over the last few days, but I dont usually get like this before AF.
    I cam off the pill in January, but only really trying for the last 2 months. We were really trying for a honeymoon baby, so thats why im so hoping for a BFP.

    Its definatly harder than I thought to not get obsessed!
  • Thank you I would actually feel ok if it was a BFN I have only been trying for two months , when the nurse did one last thursday i actually felt fine but now I feel a little lost. I just wish one way or the other i would know.

    They are areally good signs honey it sounds very goodimage oh i really hope we both get to be a mum image

    K xx
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