Anyone look at the CBFM sticks after?

First month of using the CBFM as this is month 7 for us...

I normally ovulate anywhere between CD17-22 and I am currently on CD16, my CBFM is 8 days behind as I received it later than CD5 but thought considering I OV later I would trick it.... hehe.

Well CD8 on my CBFM today and 3rd day POAS and I had a low... not surprised.

But when the monitor had finished reading the stick I had a little look and there were 2 lines, one very strong and the other just standard.... just wondered if the CBFM sticks monitor the same as OPK's and u can read them in the same way.

I am getting a bit of EWCM, by temps haven't yet risen so am sure I've not missed OV.

I'll be starting my CBFM properly next month but thought I'd get used to it this month by cheatingimage

We BD'd last night and Tuesday.

Surely its my turn now? Pleas santa I've been ever so good!!



  • Yeeeesss, everyone does i bet. Although i have to say hun don't always trust them. The day i got my peak i knew, i did the stick in the morning and forgot about it and when i got home from work i had my peak. I looked at the stick in the morning and there was barely a line and in the aft the line was real thick. It doesn't really mean anything as the difference between the lines when i have a "low" and a "high" is nothing!!!

    CBFM works wonders so let it do the work, that is what you pay for image don't fret.

  • you are advised not to try read them

    however when i was using it i did :lol:

    what you are looking for is a peak in eastrogen prior to a peak in lutinizing hormone, if i remeber rightly the line near the pee end is the LH so the other line should go dark before this one to get the peak
    (i think so although it has been a while)

    good luck x
  • The CBFM doesn't lie, I promise! I do look at the sticks and don't pay much attention to the lines.

    It's the best ttc thing I ever bought and i'm so glad I got it from my 2nd cycle of ttc. I got bfp 1st time using it. Ended in an ectopic but have been using it to track cycles until we can ttc in January and it is spot on x x
  • I got a bit lazy and kept leaving my sticks around the bedroom, at one point I had about 6 lined up all in day order :lol: they all had 2 lines but you could see the difference in low, high and peak days really easily. As tink says completely trust the machine to do what its supposed to.

    Good luck xx
  • I look at the lines cos it's like magic! I don't really understand them though and cos I paid through the nose for the little critter I don't try to second guess the lines, I let the machine tell me what they mean. It is good fun looking at them though!
  • i try not to look (since whats the point of buying a CBFM if I think I know better!) ......but this is my first month of using it and i don't have typical cycles so i think its taking a while for the little gismo to make sense of my body. so far this cycle I have had 2 days of lows followed by 10 days of highs, but no peak yet. I do glance at the lines and try not to read too much into them, but this morning the second line was much darker than it usually is, do you think I'm about to get my peak? i got really excited when i got my first few highs but now they feel a bit run of the mill, but if i'm about to get a peak i'll be pouncing on mr littleb!! :lol:
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