Not this month :-(

She's here! I had a bit of spotting last night, and nothing much so far today....but she definitely found me!

At least I know my cycles are pretty regular, despite being on the pill for 12 years. 30, now 33 days. Calling today CD1. Just can't believe the amount of new symptoms I have been through, starting shortly after ov. Never had that before!

So I'm heading into June, trying to re-build PMA. Taking it from what I can! I had an intelligence test e-mailed to me. I took it, it showed the result...and had at the end "Your love life will be blooming soon" Now I associate the word blooming with flowers....and pg! See said I was taking PMA from anywhere I could get it! image

Oh well roll on ov, and maybe June is THE month! Good luck to everyone's who's joining me! xx


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