so hard not to test

I promised myself I wouldn't test this month unless AF was actually late but I am finding it so hard. I'm due Tue/Wed but I am so tempted to test in the morning. With my first I tested after 1 day late and it was negative, was in hospital for 5 days after a fall that night and then tested positive almost immediatley on coming home so I know I should just wait that extra day or so


  • STEP AWAY FROM THE HTP!!!!!!! image I will be very disappointed with you if you don't 8\)
  • Hi, I know how you feel, im due tue/wed too. i almost tested this morning but i ran to toilet as quick as i could so i didnt get chance to do 1. Its hard trying to stop yourself. Iv got 2 tests at home and im going to ask my OH to hide them so i cant do them before wed. I would like to try hold out until friday but i dont think i have the will power for that.
    keep us posted on when you test, hope its a BFP for both of us image

    Sarah x
  • I am also due wed ish. step away from the tests!! keep yourself busy!!
    DO NOT TEST!!!

    x x x
  • i'm due thurs and i cant wait to test but will test on thurs am as have a family wedding on the sat and hopefully if its a bfp then want time to sink in!! dont thhink this is my month!

  • Lol... I'm due Thursday too.. Trying to hold out til Friday but I'm already planning when I can stop at SD on the way to work this week lol...

    Fingers crossed for us all!!

  • took everyone's advice and didn't test and I am so glad as AF decided to rear its ugly head Sunday morning I can't remember having a short cycle since I was a teenager??? v strange

    oh well I'm gonna hide my tests too I think then the temptation for next time may not be as strong

    good luck to you girls if you're still in contention for this month:\)
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