Feel so rubbish -bfn

So i got up and took my early pregnancy test, and it was negative. I knew i shouldnt have, i knew i should have waited, well now im waiting till sat when my af due. Feel so rubbish, my OH said the chances of getting a positive wasnt very high only above half so i shouldn't give up hope. Its hard though seeing that ONE POXY LINE! I wish id been strong and waited till sat when af is due in future thats what ill be doing. I was sure this month might be the month, but now im not so sure. :\? :\? :\?

Hope you girls are feeling more positive than me today. :\)


  • oh hun, dont b to down, its well early to get a + so i wouldnt give up hope, lotsa baby dust for you xxxxxxx
  • I'm waiting until my af is due on saturday as i did exactly the same as you last month and felt really upset when it was a bfn! It's so easy to poas,you start to symptom spot and think you are pg and unfortunately you aren't!
    It's still early so don't give up hope until she appears,with my first baby i had to take 4 or 5 tests until i got a bfp!!
    Good luck hun,pma coming your way! xx
  • Thanks girls, its just so awful, most people think its to early to get a positive for the average girl so im trying to hold on to that. Im a nurse and i thought i wouldn't tell my patients a result that was only 52% right so why should i belive a result thats only 52% right?
    But its easy to think that but still have a godd cry when u see that stupid one pink line! Gotta wait a whole 5 days till can test again, Id really just like to know i feel sick or hungry(cant decide which) all day everyday which is horrible if im preggers at least id have a cause but if not then maybe im just ill!
    Good luck to you girls too ill be watching for your posts on sat! xxx
  • hun it is hard when you get a bfn, but some babies just take a while to get the hcg levels up. i was one of the lucky ones to get a bfp at 8dpo but that as you can see from % is rarer.
    Its certainly not over by any means and a bfp closer to af means less chance of chemical pg too. Fingers crossed that saturady brings good news. Keep up the PMA and babydust for you.
    Filo x
  • good luck for sat clarkie xx
  • Best of luck for Sat - don't give up hope as other ladies said. I didn't get a +ve with my first 2 pregnancies until I was 1 day overdue each time. I still think your sicky/hungry feeling is a really positive sign as that's exactly how I felt - difficult to know whether I felt nauseous or hungry and would only be alleviated by eating!!! (hence putting on 4 stone the first time around!)
    Sending lots of PMA
  • Good luck for Saturday clarkie. xx
  • Dont lose hope, its waaayyy too early to have tested! Good luck for Sat, I will be looking out for your news xx
  • heya clarkie, im in the same boat hun. AF due sat and im trying my best not to test early. Im getting some preg symptoms too, but knowing me its bloody AF!!! x
  • I did some research on the internet and it does say that hcg levels arent normally detectable untill day 1 of your missed period, stupid first response getting our hopes up!
    Yea my sicky/hungry feeling goes away when i eat, people at work said i must have something coz they've noticed me picking the buiscit tin which is not like me!
    My nipples are sore too, the left one more, (tmi). If mine is AF then ive had bloody symptoms for about a week and a half which is unlike me. I guess sat is judgement day wish it was here already. My OH says i shouldnt get disheartened as weve not been trying long, but its all this waiting in between that does my head in! Like u wait for period then that comes and then u have to wait 2 weeks to ovulate or longer then another 2 weeks or longer for ur period or +ve test! ITS MAKING ME CRAZY!
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