Pulling pains in lower tummy what could it be?

Yesterday afternoon i started getting these pulling pains in my lower tummy. It feels like i have a peace of string in there and that some 1 is pulling it from each side. It flipping hurts!!! Also got a aching lower back aswell. All this stopped me from sleeping properly last night! i got up this morning feeling the same or even a little worse!!

any ideas what this could be?

I dont know if i have ovulated cos we are just going with the flow no stress making as we call it. i'm on cd 27 i know that tho.



  • Anything anyone?? i just did a test and its BFN grrr xx
  • Hi Becci-boo

    when is AF due??xx
  • i'm not to sure cos i have pcos my cycles are always different! the pain is still there and i all hot and tired now image xx
  • :-/ hmmm well i would say the best thing for you to do is wait an see if AF comes!!! i get all hot before AF is due also! maybe your AF is on her way! image

    keep me posted!!

    **BABY DUST***

  • ..hey! me again! just read your "about me"... so sorry to hear about your MC's image i also 'may have' PCOS! image but dont know for definate yet? i have regular AF's (wll atleast i did when i was on the pill and they seem to be pretty regular now i am off it! other than that i dont really have any real symptoms of PCOS but when i had a scan done last month it showed i had a fewer than normal amount of follicles on my ovaries- which 'could be the result on me being on the pill for 5 years? :-/ am on month 5 of TTC now! and hoping this is our month! we also want to call our baby (if its a girl...Daisy! image .....sorry for the random post but thought i would tell you a little bit about me! image

    did you have this pulling pain when you last conceived??

    good luck TTC hun!

  • Hi BB

    Just to let you know I have also had these in the past. Not sure what they are though but just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!

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