Hello!!! I'm home!!!


  • Hiya everyone - gosh have missed this place! So much seems to have happened!!!

    We landed at 6.45am ish - grabbed the bags and drove as fast as we could to the cattery to pick up Hugo and Sassy. We've missed them so so much! They were freshly groomed and even more gorgeous looking than normal. They are already asleep on the bed so its like we've never been away...!!!

    I can't believe our Florida trip is over! We'd been planning it for about 8 months and now its over!!! Hubby and me are both desperate to go back again and are planning another trip in 3-4 yrs time BUT we have made a pact we're not going unless we have a baby with us!!! (or hopefully a toddler by then!)

    The holiday did us both the world of good. As I said in my mid-holiday post, we were thinking about Henry Bean a lot more than we expected too - but we talked about it and are ok if we keep talking. We've now come home with 3 baby gro's and a little rattle my Mum wanted to buy and keep safely for when the time comes. I am hoping we have come home with something else too - I think and hope I ovulated during the trip, probably just over a week ago? I had a nice amount (!!!) of EWCM and we had been doing lots of BDing (until my back and feet got burned!). But then it could be nothing and my body might still be settling so we'll just wait and see. I do have sore boobies tho!

    We brought 6 pregnancy tests out there - the packs seem to have 3 in each. We got regular clearblues and CBDs - they worked out at a FIVER for each pack of 3!!! I never located the smiley face tests...

    Anyway, sorry I have rambled - if anyone wants to hear about what we actually did on holiday, please let me know as I can ramble on and on and on...

    Really looking forward to catching up on the gossip and hope everyone is ok!

    Joo xxx

    P.S. Thanks for the lovely messages on my mid-holiday post!
  • So glad you had a great holiday, you really deserved it.

  • Hi joo, welcome back hun! Wow you sound like you and oh had a wonderful time and hopefully came back with a little something extra! lol. God the hpts certainly are cheap out there!! Glad to hear hugo and sassy were well looked after, i bet they are glad your home! When are you due to test? xxxx
  • welcome back hun. glad you had a good hol. aw wouldnt it be exciting if you had conceived on hol. i think it a good time for conceiving coz your usually more relaxed.xx
  • Hello you

    It's so good to have you back image i am so pleased you had a wonderful holiday. This could of been just what you and your OH needed , a nice break to relax and have some funimage

    k xx


  • Welcome back hun

    Have missed you

    Glad to hear that you are feeling loads better and have given your self time to heal

    Hope you have brought a little extra through customs x

    I would love to hear all about your holiday x
  • Glad you had a great time welcome back!!
    LOL!! Carpet or sun burn?? :lol:
  • hello! welcome home!!! glad you had a fab time, hope you get your BFP very soon!!! lots of pma to you xxx
  • Welcome back! So pleased that you had such a good time and very hopeful that you will get your BFP very soon!xxx
  • Thanks everyone - so nice to see you all again!
    and it was sunburn NOT carpet burn!!! xxx
  • Welcome back, pleased you had a fab time.
  • welcome back, it sound like you had a perfect trip..just what you needed. what else did you get up to?? ...
  • Hi Joo

    Really glad you had a lovely time. Wishing you loads of luck, and sending baby dust. xx image
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