Thinking of TTC

hi everyone, i just wanted some advice really...
i am 19 and my fiance is 31, we have been together 2 and half years and have a son who is almost 13months. i was on the pill when i conceived Blake, and currently have the implant in.

i would love to try for another as i am feeling extremely broody, and although my oh says he would love another one, he isnt so keen to start trying so soon. these are his reasons:
*he doesnt get on at all with my parents, who think he has 'ruined' my life etc, and thinks having another baby will make this worse, as they blamed the fact that i got pregnant on him
*babies are expensive, and we only have his wage of 15k a year
*Blake is still breastfed, and has a few "habits" such as refusing to sleep unless he is in our bed, refusing to drink anything other than breastmilk from me (wont drink expressed/whole milk/formula milk - he has been like this since birth), and being very possessive of me (matt thinks Blake would see a new baby as a threat who had came to take mummy away)

would ttc be such a bad thing?? :\?

Kim xxx


  • hiya. just read your post and understand a little of where your coming from. i am not in a similiar situation per say but i am currently 33 wks pg with my second baby. trying a second time always seems like such a huge decision and whereas men tend to think very rationally about it i no what it is like once broodiness sweeps over you! although both our children have been planned i was much more keen on number two than my partner who thought our son was still a bit young. i wanted to get the baby/toddler stages with our children over with in a shorter space of time but all he could think about were more sleepless nights and endless crying!! In the end i came off the pill when isaac was fourteen months old. My advice to you is to think about trying to concieve in a different way that will take your partners thoughts on board. it took me eight months to fall pg and in that time we worked on our existing child to make sure it would be easier for him to adjust. he was potty trained at eighteen months and once i was pg i really encouraged him to walk more when we were out and not rely on his buggy which he took to really well. to ease my oh's money worries i started a part time evening job before ttc so that i was earning a little and now qualify for maternity pay. my point to you is that your oh might be more open to ttc if you begin to try and tackle some of his worries. hope i havent gone on and on too much but i know what it is like to really want another baby when on the surface it may seem like an irrational thing to want!!! hope this helps. good luck! rebecca, isaac and baby bump!!
  • thanks rebecca, that makes a lot of sense!
    well my dog had 8 puppies yesterday so that will keep me busy for at least 8 weeks lol, and may curb my broodiness!
  • Hi Kim - Were you Kim that used to be in the April 07 forum??? I think you had Blake just after I had Saul... I would say go for it, it would be a good age gap...

    I am pregnant again, 12+5 and having twins this time!!!

    Good to see a familiar name on here...

    Sara x
  • hi sara, yes i am the very same kim! blake was 1 on may 11th, how is saul doing?
    congratulations! wow twins, are you going to find out the sexes?

    kim xxx
  • Hi Kim, Saul is doing well, still not walking though but started crawling about 3 weeks ago which is helping...

    Yes i'm definitely going to find out the sexes, can't wait... I really want a boy and a girl... Would be nice... I do know that they aren't identical, which i'm really happy about...

    Are you trying then???

    Sara x
  • hi, glad everythings going well. blake started crawling quite early, at about 7 months but only started walking on May 23rd, 12 days after his first birthday - now hes like a walking demon lol, he chases me round and i cant do anything without him right there behind me!
    A boy and a girl would be lovley with twins, and it will be so much easier without them being identical if they are the same sex!
    No not trying yet, oh is adamant that we should wait few more months before ttc - how long did it take you if you dont mind me asking?
    but my dog had 8 puppies on tuesday so that will keep me busy for the forseeable future!

    kim x
  • Of course I don't mind you asking, it took 6 months to conceive Saul but only 4 months for the twins... I can say "only" now, but the 4 months dragged like mad... I would recommend starting casually a few months before you want to start trying properly as it can take a while... I was only back on the pill for 6 months between Saul and wanting another...

    What kind of puppies are they???

    Sara x
  • well i was on the pill when i conceived blake so i am kinda thinking it wont take very long to conceive but i dont want to think like that and then be disappointed when it takes months!!
    the thing is is that i would really like to 'try' for a girl so i want to research what people have done to attempt to influence the sex - if its even possible lol.

    they are Kennel Club registered staffordshire bull terriers, and extremely gorgeous!

    kim x
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