2 week wait- feel kind of calm must be ill!?!?!? lol!

Got a smiley on CD18 and am now on CD 27 so approx 8 days past OV i think. I seem to be much calmer this month- think last month i worked myself into a state and it was horrible. We followed the SMEP this month too so hopefully we are in with a chance. AF is due around the 9th April so i am def going to wait until the 15th to test if AF doesnt turn up by then.

I am so done with these easrly tests!!!!!!!!!! Cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really hope it will happen this month. How are you all holding up this month??


  • I've got my fingers crossed for you this month after last month and hopefully SMEP has worked for you image

    AF caught me early yesterday at just 8/9 dpo so I am going to see the doctor. I had tests when we were ttc last time which showed my progesterone levels were low but my luteal phase was still within the limits at 10 days and by the time I had my test results I was actually pregnant.

    This time my luteal phase it just too short so maybe my levels are just too low?!

    Onto month 5, cd 2.....

  • Good luck to you too goonie!!!!!! Hope it happens soon....!
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