new and ttc

Hi, I'm new but have been following your chats for a couple of weeks. I'm ttc too AF is due to visit on Thursday but I thought i'd do a CB test this morning to stop me thinking about it and take control of the situation, got a BFN!! Its so frustrating.


  • hello and welcome!
    sorry to hear it was bfn but it isn't over until AF arrives!

    pma to you xxx
  • Hey Lola,

    Welcome to our world image

    Sorry to hear you got a BFN, horrible feeling... anything is possible util AF arrives!! So im still keeping my fingesr crossed for you ;\)

  • hi. welcome to the site..good look ttc, hope you get your bfp
  • sorry to be such a noob - but whats AF and bfp and stuff mean? lol
    new to this forum room, x
  • Hi lolalola, welcome to the site. Fingers crossed af doean't find you. xx

    snowhite, there is an abbreviations list, I'll bump it up for you. xx
  • Hi and a warm welcome.. All the best on your ttc journey. Hope its short and uneventful
  • Hello and welcome image you never know it's not over till af comes so best of luck honey

    K xx

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