Yay! 1st peak on CBFM

I'm so pleased..... was starting to think I wasnt going to get a peak this month with it being the 1st month using it image

Also it turns out that I OV on CD17 when I thought it was CD14.
Clever little machine and hopefully well worth the money!



  • Congrats hun, I have bought a CBFM yet as only first month of official trying so will maybe wait till after xmas if I dont get my BFP or should I say xmas pudd am due to test 21 Dec and am now in my first dreaded 2ww.Good luck hun xx
  • sorry stupid comp playing up I meant I havent bought a CBFM yet x
  • Congrats VWGirl - that first peak is so exciting isn't it. I'm on cycle four of using the CBFM, I think it's great. Get bding! xx
  • sparkling diamond - ur avatar pic has made me chuckle!!!!!

    - i so hope that i get some kind of reaction from my cbfm this cycle because it's the most expensie - yet only test that hasn't shown me a +ve

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