ttc no 2

hiya all not sure if posting in the right place sorry if im not i have a 6 month old little boy and me and oh have decided to try for baby number 2, I have pcos and it took 4 years to concieve with my lo which is partly why weve decided to try again now.

Problem is since i have my lo in january i have been bleeding constantly:\? without a break docters are saying its something to do with hormones so its making it difficult to bd and work out dates and ect sorry to rumble on.


  • hi hayley sorry 2 hear u havin probs,hope it all sorts itself out soon,so u can get on with ttc. im ttc for no3 came off the pill in april,so not been ttc 4 long:\)
  • hi hayley. were ttc no.2 too although my daughter is nearly 2 1/2 she was also born in the jan. I think i remember bleeding for 6wks. so not sure why you still bleeding, will the drs not do tests? We have been trying for 8months not sure I would cope trying for 4yrs! Its all worth it in the end though hey xxx
    good luck hun xx
  • hope u bothe get your bfp soon x
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